Raider Weak

<b>So it's Raider Week...</b><br><br> So bleeding what?<br> Charger fans usually live for this game. <br> I usually live for this game, having attended every Charger-Raider contest played in Southern California over the last 20 plus seasons.<br>

One Monday night game in Los Angeles during the early 80's, a friend and I wore our lightning bolts into the coliseum and made our way through the concourse between the upper & lower seating sections by emerging from each separate tunnel and screaming "San Diego Super Chargers!" before ducking a hail of beer and other airborne objects.

As we circled the stadium in this highly dangerous manner, we had inadvertently created a wave effect. The announcers even referred to it during the broadcast.

Those are the kinds of memories this game can provide. Sometimes. This year the only excitement is over whether or not our Bolts will suck enough to get the first overall selection in the draft.

I believe that they do suck enough, yet I hold out hope as do many die-hards that we can prevail on Sunday to defeat the Evil Empire.

3-12? I could even live with 2-14 if we could just beat the Raiders twice.

What Now? Ok, Let's Talk About the Draft...

(An excerpt from my draft article)

To me, it's all about which need players will be around in what round of the draft;

Round 1 - A big dominant Offensive Tackle.
A franchise lineman who can protect Drew Brees and anchor a developing line. The kind of player usually only available in the top of the first round.

Round 2 - Either a Defensive Tackle who can get enough push for the cover 2 to actually work, OR... a wide body run plug DT.
The kind who will require enough double teaming to free up your Defensive Ends occasionally. (Hopefully a DT with a clean bill of health, as these guys can arrive with all sorts of cardiovascular and stamina issues).

Round 3 - A solid center fielder Free Safety type who can take a proper angle and chase down a fricken WR.
Either a true Safety, or a converted College Cornerback... I don't care. Someone in the third round should have enough ability to fit the bill here.

This is not too much to ask for on day one.

As for day Two? Best available athlete.
Save the sleepers for the 7th round picks.
What is different about the above draft segment is that I wrote it before LAST year's draft (for, and I can actually RECYCLE the entire draft day article because the Chargers failed to address any of these issues on the first day of the draft.


Second rounder Terrence Kiel was selected to play Strong Safety, though injuries have forced him to play some at FS during his rookie year.

Sixth rounder Hanik Milligan showed some promise at FS during training camp, but his rookie season was lost to a preseason injury.

Note the end of the article, where I suggested they save the sleepers for the 7th round picks...

Third rounder Courtney Van Buren has the size (6-5, 350) you want, but he has looked more like a guy you could have signed off of the street after the draft ended.

Charger GM AJ Smith was apparently concerned that some other NFL team would have selected this small school (Arkansas Pine-Bluff) project, so he took Van Buren on the first day.

I still think Smith could have called their Pine-Bluff, and I don't even want to know why they used a fifth round pick on Mike Scifres, a "kickoff specialist" they have carried on the roster all year long, yet never use.

But then, once you start asking those questions... how about our last two First round picks?

Quentin Jammer, 2001
Sammy Davis, 2002
Both Cornerbacks.
Neither one is a true cover corner, yet the defense does not play the press coverage scheme that these two thoroughbreds were drafted for.
Were made for.

"Bump and Run" seems to refer more to the front office encountering an obstacle and moving quickly away from their gameplan.

The planning seems very far away by now.

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