ESPN's Chris Mortensen has confirmed to us..."> ESPN's Chris Mortensen has confirmed to us...">

The Truth About Larry

The latest rumor that has Charger fans in a tizzy is the possibility of University of Pittsburgh receiver Larry Fitzgerald bypassing the April draft, making himself available for the supplemental draft. If this were the case the Bolts would have a shot to grab Fitzgerald. The chance to pick up two probable "impact players" would be a major coup for an organization lacking in the "impact player" department. Is this a legitimate possibility or not?<br>ESPN's Chris Mortensen has confirmed to us...

...that for the Chargers to land the talented receiver they would have to do so in April's draft and NOT the supplemental draft.

An insider with knowledge of Larry Fitzgerald's situation sparked the speculation by commenting that they were looking into the supplemental draft as an alternative to challenging the NFL for eligibility in the real draft.

One rule for eligibility in April's draft is that a prospect must be three years removed from high school. Fitzgerald has concluded his sophomore season at Pitt which at first look makes him ineligible for the draft. Fitzgerald transferred to a prep-school during his senior season of high school which may have opened the door to his availability to the NFL. This is a technicality that the NFL must take into consideration before awarding a decision.

Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett is currently challenging the NFL for his right to enter the draft. Basically, Fitzgerald's status is in wait and see mode. Waiting for a decision on Clarett's case and possibly seeing himself in an NFL uniform next year.

One scenario would be that the NFL turns Fitzgerald down on the premise that he hasn't been out of high school for a full three years. Would he be out of high school for a full three years by the time the supplemental draft rolls around? This is a mute point. Not applicable.

"Cut and dry, if he plays in the NFL next year he'll have to get there through April's draft."

Larry Fitzgerald may still end up a Charger. But it would be at the expense of Eli Manning, Robert Gallery or Ben Roethlisburger....

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