Tony, along with, will be hosting a chat on Friday, January 16th at 6 PM PST exclusively for San Diego Chargers fans. ">
Tony, along with, will be hosting a chat on Friday, January 16th at 6 PM PST exclusively for San Diego Chargers fans. ">

Draft Chat with Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview

"As has been the case the past four years we will be offering wall-to-wall, unbeatable coverage of the Senior Bowl from weigh-in to walk-through practices as well as six days of coverage from combine workouts," Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview said. "Premium subscribers will have plenty of information leading up to April!"<br><br> Tony, along with, will be hosting a chat on Friday, January 16th at 6 PM PST exclusively for San Diego Chargers fans.

Tony Pauline, of TFY Draft Preview, will be in attendance at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama this year as in year's past to scout the game and practices. The bonus for San Diego Chargers fans – the Chargers will be on the sidelines coaching the South squad for the week of January 19th while the Cincinnati Bengals staff will coach the North squad.

"When I was in Kansas City, we drafted (offensive lineman) Dave Szott in the sixth round or seventh round, out of Penn State, based on the time we had with him in the Senior Bowl," Marty Schottenheimer said.

This is Schottenheimer's fourth Senior Bowl assignment, after coaching in the 1990, '91 and '97 games while head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. will be hosting a chat with one of the nations premiere draft experts, Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview. He chat can be found at: Make sure you test the chat out early so there are no problems getting in come 6 PM PST Friday, January 16th. Don't miss out!!

Pauline has been a staple of Senior Bowl coverage and with the San Diego Chargers coaching one squad; exclusive news on which players the Bolts are scouting should be at a premium. The news out of Mobile last year told us not only who the Chargers were looking at, but also what other teams were showing interest. Expect more of the same this year.

"This will be my fifth year out there. In my first year, I was the only draft guy out there. The Senior Bowl is run like an NFL camp, it's great."

You have been watching these guys play for their whole college career then?

"Yes, I have been watching these guys for three or four years."

It doesn't end with the Senior Bowl says Pauline. "Then of course the individual workout coverage. Throughout it all I will be watching game films, four-to-five games per day, and breaking down the prospects. We will eventually post more than 600 reports on players eligible for April's draft."

The 2003 TFY Draft Guide will be the seventh consecutive year Tony Pauline has published what is considered the most comprehensive NFL Draft guide, a 160-page book covering more than 620 player profiles and in-depth scouting reports. Annual subscribers to get the Draft Guide free, plus 365 days a year of coverage on the San Diego Chargers. Subscribe today! at

You can also find all of Tony's draft preview articles and yearly scouting reports on Don't forget to ask Tony questions in the "Ask The Insiders" forum if you happen to miss the chat or have more questions after the chat. He drops by when he can find time in his busy schedule.

Tony Pauline's Bio:

Originally working with reporters and draft publications in the New York area more than 15-years ago, Tony branched out in 1997, quickly making the TFY Draft Preview a household name amongst draftniks and NFL scouts.

The draft is a year round event for Tony as he spends his summers watching three-to-four game films daily, then his fall weekends traveling the country to personally scout the nation's top-prospects in action.

Since 2000 Tony offered what is now considered groundbreaking, live coverage of both the Senior Bowl and combine, the most important pre-draft scouting events of the year. Always the first to report stories from either venue, his exhaustive evaluations throughout the year are used as a research tool by NFL franchises and fans alike.

Who was your biggest hit in the draft, what about your biggest miss?

Biggest hit? Two immediately come to mind- In 1997 I publicly wrote that Trevor Pryce would be the best defensive prospect to come out of the '97 draft. Two years later in 1999 again I wrote in my draft guide that Mike McKenzie was the most underrated defensive back in that draft.

Biggest miss? I loved Chris Canty in the 1997 draft and also thought J.J. Stokes was a "can't miss" player in 1995.

How do you scout the players, go to games, game tape?

Both...I watch game film 11 months a year; from May to August I review the previous season's film to get a good base going into the upcoming year. Then I hit the film hard again from September through March. I usually attend 14-to-15 games per season live on site besides going to practices, the Senior Bowl, combine, etc. Then I always speak with other scouts and exchange opinions.

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