give their take on the potential cut list. Here is a look at players with current contracts on that list:"> give their take on the potential cut list. Here is a look at players with current contracts on that list:">

The Chargers Potential Cut List

The San Diego Chargers cut many veteran stars in 2003 and the names dotting this year's list won't come close to rivaling that list. Still there are plenty of fan favorites and coaches pets that could get the boot, or restructure this week as the Chargers look to free up cash for free agency. The writers here at <a href=""></a> give their take on the potential cut list. Here is a look at players with current contracts on that list:

Will Mortensen:

TE: Stephen Alexander: Thank you, buh-bye.
C: Cory Raymer: Solid back up center but expensive. Find a way to keep him at a reduced rate.
DE: Ray Lee Johnson: A true professional but done in SD. Thanks Raylee.
WR: Tim Dwight: Too small, too injury prone, too inconsistent catching the ball, too expensive, but he's faster than a speeding bullet. Not worth the $$$.
QB: Doug Flutie: Good back up if not playing for more than one or two games in a row. I'd look to upgrade depending on the cap-figure.
OT: Vaughn Parker: Keep him if healthy and if he'll renegotiate. Would be a solid 3rd tackle and can play RT or LT. Good insurance policy.
DT: Jason Fisk: Need an upgrade here. Fisk makes a better 3rd tackle but he's expensive for that role. Renegotiate or hit the road.
WR- Reche Caldwell- Always open-always drops it. Looks scared to take a hit. Too much talent to give up on so soon. If his work ethic is not improved he's gone.

Kenny Williams:

TE: Stephen Alexander: 0% N\o freakin' way this guy is back. Do you hear me Marty?
C: Cory Raymer: 50% Savvy vet who is a good influence on younger lineman.
DE: Ray Lee Johnson: 0% When are we going to see a Charger retire a Charger? #99 will seek employment elsewhere.
WR: Tim Dwight: 25% Law of averages will finally catch up. Too little production for too much money.
QB: Doug Flutie: 75% With the rumors about Brees being done, the Chargers will need the magic man to stick around for another season.
OT: Vaughn Parker: 75% Finally a Charger who will retire a Charger. Vaughn will provide leadership and depth along a young offensive line.
DT: Jason Fisk: 100% Can you name the 18th best defensive lineman based on total number of combined tackles? I just did. Not pretty, but effective. Will add nice depth in 2004.
WR- Reche Caldwell: 50% Still a glimmer of hope with Caldwell. Will need to have a tremendous camp to stick with the team.

Gary Molyneux:

Clearance, everything must go... so set my roster FREE;
TE: Stephen Alexander: "Coach's pet" either has photos of Marty dressed as a cheerleader, or they are somehow related, possibly due to some biological accident... and accident prone this guy is; 2001- Limited to nine catches for 85 yards while battling leg injuries for majority of season. 2002- Left Denver game Oct. 6 with injury. Did not play against Kansas City Oct. 13 or Oakland Oct. 20 due to foot injury. 2003- Did not record any catches...missed 11 games due to lingering groin injury...placed on injured reserve on Dec. 22 (!!!). Alexander's money is the only thing that is guaranteed. Is that a good enough reason to risk a roster spot on him? TOSS HIM carefully, he's fragile.
C: Cory Raymer: As a child, Cory once dreamed of playing football on the moon. Here on earth they have to exert too much effort. Overpaid for a backup center who doesn't play guard very well, Raymer will need to give money back to remain a Charger. TOSS HIM.
DE: Ray Lee Johnson: He was robbed of what should have been his finest season in 2000 with a torn ACL, and he has never had the same explosion off the snap since. My friend Charles Salazar has worn Ray Lee's number 99 up in the stands for years, but the writing is on the wall and even Charlie is shopping for a new number. Thanks for the memories, Ray Lee. TOSS HIM.
WR: Tim Dwight: Big guaranteed contract doesn't guarantee a job. The "fastest player on one lung" could be coming to a city near you. TOSS HIM.
QB: Doug Flutie: Great on the run, not so great in the pocket. He's like a 42 year old Michael Vick. To quote Beavis & Butthead: "He's old." Uh, heh-heh... TOSS HIM.
OT: Vaughn Parker: Consistent enough to be good for one false start per game over his illustrious career; Parker may just come all the way back from a serious knee injury, but it won't likely be with the Chargers. TOSS HIM.
DT: Jason Fisk: The new defensive coordinator will likely decide Jason's fate. Fisk COULD BE BACK at the right price.
WR- Reche Caldwell: Caldwell has shown very questionable hands so far. Perhaps it's easier to give him another season to develop than it is to admit to fumbling the draft pick. He's barely a KEEPER, and only by default.

Rob Curtis:

TE: Stephen Alexander … Hopefully, this guy does NOT get a renegotiated contract. He should be cut (10%)
C: Cory Raymer … Raymer has had a good career. It is time to retire (10%)
DE: Ray Lee Johnson … In the right system, I think he can be an effective player for the Chargers. However, it looks like he believes he is gone and some team will try to sign him as a situational pass rusher. Too bad (5%)
WR: Tim Dwight … The Chargers get very little cap relief this year if they release him, but Eric Parker has replaced him. It is unfortunate, because I think he can be useful. The problem is that when you are paid for potential and your production has declined, you are a cap casualty target. With Tomlinson's contract coming up, this team will be looking for flexibility in two years. (30%)
QB: Doug Flutie … He needs to renegotiate his contract, because his cap number is ridiculous. I see no reason for him to come back, but the recent rumors of Brees being on the block and Flute coming back cannot be ignored (60%)
OT: Vaughn Parker … He is loved by Schottenheimer and he is a good veteran presence. He won't be worth more than the minimum with some incentives, but I expect him to come back at a renegotiated rate if he can stay healthy (85%)
DT: Jason Fisk … If he is willing to rework his salary like he did last year, I think he can be a useful third DT (51%)
WR- Reche Caldwell … Reche does all the little things that make you think he can be a good WR in the league. He's quick, fast, and runs good routes. Unfortunately, catching the ball is an anomaly for the young man. He's cheap and he'll be back in camp (80%)

Tom Criswell:

TE: Stephen Alexander: He has not been worth the Money the Chargers have paid him, He was injured Last year and Injured all of this year, Peele and Gates more than proved they can play Tight end for this team.
C: Cory Raymer: I would keep Raymer as a back up to ball, he is valuable but no longer starting material.
DE: Ray Lee Johnson: I like Raylee, but I think Dingle proved his worth, though I feel the Chargers need a speedier end, It is hard but it is time for Johnson to move on.
WR: Tim Dwight: Tim Dwight is a special team's guy and a legitimate threat as a #3 or #4 receiver, not a #2, often injured he does not warrant the type of Money being paid to him. I would love to see him and Parker back returning kicks next year only though if he restructures.
QB: Doug Flutie: Here is where I will probably get in trouble, I think Flutie is valuable and if Schotty had any brains he would get rid of his kid and hire Flutie as the QB coach/back up to Brees, I think he would do better at developing Brees's talent as long as Brees gets the chance to do more then hand off the damn ball and get a Rhythm going.
OT: Vaughn Parker: I do not think Parker is worth the Money he is going to want, He has been injured a lot the last 2 years and I think we would be able to get better in the off season in Free agency, I would keep him if he restructured and could not get a suitable replacement or lost McIntosh to free agency.
DT: Jason Fisk: I think Fisk was outplayed by Scott and the rookie Cesaire but I would keep him around as a back up if he restructured.
WR- Reche Caldwell: I think he was outplayed by Osgood and there are better receivers out there to be retained for a #3 or #4 Receiver. He might make it on another team, just not in Chargers Blue.

Denis Savage:

TE: Stephen Alexander: Marty loyalty won't last beyond this season. He is the brunt of most of the jokes San Diego Chargers fans make.
C: Cory Raymer: Backup material that is being paid as a starter. Won lineman of the year as he did well replacing Jason Ball. Look for a restructure.
DE: Ray Lee Johnson: Injuries, age and the need for speed on the defense catch up with this defensive end.
WR: Tim Dwight: One of Butler's guys who has regressed this season and has never warranted the money he makes. Injury concerns cloud his future even further.
QB: Doug Flutie: He is considering going to the CFL to play one last season with his brother and San Diego will let that happen despite the early talk to bring him back.
OT: Vaughn Parker: Out with the old, in with the new. The "gatekeeper" may stick as a coach if he does get cut, but he is a valuable backup if he restructures.
DT: Jason Fisk: Is not a run stopper and does not put pressure on the QB. Would be a fit as a third or fourth DT, but the price may not be worth it.
DE: Marcellus Wiley: Restructure or go. The Chargers cannot keep him at his current pay rate.

One omission from the list was Marcellus Wiley for some unknown reason – a small oversight that only Savage handled during the first week of January.

Since this has gone out, several updates have come to light:

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