Boston to be Traded?

The San Diego Chargers are reportedly allowing wide receiver David Boston to seek a trade before his roster bonus is due on March 15th. On a team devoid of playmakers, the Bolts are ready to allow their number one receiver, who caught 70 passes in 2003 for relative peanuts.

In one of the strangest move to come out of San Diego since – well – last year when Junior Seau was given permission to seek a trade, David Boston and his agent, Mitch Frankel, have been given permission to seek a deal.

The story was first issued by Jim Trotter of the Union Tribune and has since been corroborated by John Clayton of ESPN.

"I'm not going to say anything on David until it's resolved," Smith said to Trotter.

Not exactly denying the rumors, are they?

Boston, 25, signed a seven-year, $47 million deal with the Chargers last year that cost them $5.1 million in 2003.

Boston is due $3 million on March 15th in the form of a bonus and is due to make $3.9 in salary this year. In all likelihood, the team trading for him would be allowed to rework his deal.

Boston's contract contains an addendum that states the Chargers have the right to recoup $3 million in past or future earnings if Boston is suspended for, among other things, conduct detrimental to the team. Boston was suspended last year for an incident with Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Redding who is still with the team in the same capacity.

Now the question is what can they get for Boston?

The Chargers are believed to be asking a first-round pick for Boston but will likely settle for a third-rounder and possible future considerations based on Boston's performance with his new team.

The Dolphins have had discussions with the agent for receiver David Boston about the possibility of making a trade that would bring the Chargers receiver to Miami.

According to two NFL sources, the Dolphins have discussed with agent Mitch Frankel the specifics of Boston's current contract and what a new contract might entail if the player is traded to the Dolphins.

They are shopping a number one receiver and Terrell Owens may have set the market with Baltimore offering up a second round pick. It would be hard for anyone to give the Chargers more than that for a receiver that may come with more baggage than even Owens.

The confirmed rumors simply don't make sense. The Chargers have little superstar power as it is and they surely have no one who could take his place. With so many needs, this move is downright stunning.

The team is opening up another hole if they trade Boston. With needs along both lines, at quarterback and linebacker and receiver, how will this move impact their first overall draft pick?

The need for a receiver all of a sudden becomes the top priority. Teams were already stacking the line to defend LaDainian Tomlinson – now what will they do?

It is asinine to believe they will receive the proper value for Boston. Even in a down year he ranked 20th in the NFL in receptions, 21st in yards, and tied for 17th in touchdown receptions. And he missed portions of two games and was suspended for another. This does not even bring into account the failure of the offensive line and quarterbacks.

On a team that has enough trouble getting receivers the ball, what do they hope to accomplish?

There is little to say that justifies this move.

What is even more curious is the teams will to win. With so many challenges already facing the organization, they are throwing out any future for 2004. LaDainian Tomlinson, one of the best backs in the NFL, if not THE best, sits and is wasted during the prime of his career.

What kind of message are they sending the team?

While it may be something to applaud as they try to establish high character morale in San Diego, Boston is a link to superstardom. For a team looking for fans, they sure are making it easier to alienate their faithful.

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