Chargers Land in Bizarro World

The latest news out of Chargerville about David Boston being given permission to seek a trade is yet another in a string of bizarre moves that smacks of a fire sale. Similar to what happened in the mid 80s when the Chargers' roster was stripped of most of their talent in a purge that led to their sale to Alex Spanos, the team is once again getting rid of all their high priced talent.

On the face of things it doesn't make much sense. The Chargers have seen their fan base erode faster than Sunset Cliffs after being out of playoff contention since 1995. Amid demands for a new stadium the team certainly doesn't seem to be improving their chances of putting a quality product on the field.

Last year it was the unexpected purge of their two biggest playmakers on defense, Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison. This year their only receiving threat, David Boston, is being shown the door. With a defense as effective as the Maginot Line and an offensive line that couldn't keep a roving pack of girl scouts away from the quarterback the Chargers have many areas of need. It seems to make little sense to open up yet another hole. To most fans the Chargers are beginning to look like an army that has way too many fronts open. In other words, a loser.

Most fans have been waiting to hear about any sign of life from the Chargers as far as free agency goes and that simply has not happened. Mike Goff is not a name that's going to put people in seats. A receiving corps led by Reche Caldwell and the constantly injured Tim Dwight does not necessarily instill fear in opposing secondaries. All they need to do is wait for either receiver to deflect the ball to them.

On the plus side, Drew Brees' lack of arm strength should fit well with the new corps as neither have the speed to get deep without the threat of getting hurt. If the Chargers are in a rebuilding mode it kind of makes one wonder what the previous few years have been.

Perhaps the Chargers have washed their hands of San Diego and are looking for a lower payroll when they move to Los Angeles.

Perhaps the Chargers are planning on a draft day coup, like talking teams out of all of their first round draft choices.

Or, perhaps, they have a plan somewhere deep down. A devious plan, a cunning plan that will keep their payroll low and still allow them to field a team that can contend. If the final situation is the case then the plan is too cunning for any sane Charger fan to grasp.

Hopefully the Chargers haven't been so cunning that not even they can grasp its designs.

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