Boston Talks Heating Up

While the Dolphins have moved to the forefront in their negotiations to acquire David Boston, a late entry remains interested in the sweepstakes.

David Boston is on the trading block after a turmoil-filled season in San Diego, and the Miami Dolphins are the apparent leaders for his services.

The Dolphins have looked into meeting face to face with David Boston, a possible precursor to a deal for the talented, but enigmatic, wideout.

The Dolphins, according to a league source, spent part of the day working on language of a revised contract.

The key in the deal is that San Diego wants to recoup as much of the $6.9 million Boston is guaranteed over the next two years. The Dolphins are willing to do that but want to structure the deal in terms of incentives.

The Chargers initially were said to be asking for a first rounder, but it appears they will settle for a third round pick for Boston. Rumors around the league place a third rounder as the price, but it is not known if that pick was for 2004 or 2005.

All sides are mum on the issue at the present time. Calls to Mitch Frankel, the agent for Boston, were not returned.

Oddly enough, the team that has been most vocal about Boston is the Baltimore Ravens. As a contingency plan if the players' union wins its case against the league in the Terrell Owens case, the Ravens have expressed a renewed interest in Boston.

"We'll continue to explore all of our options," Ravens coach Brian Billick said Friday in acknowledging an interest in Boston, who caught 70 passes last season. "Given the fact that this Terrell Owens situation doesn't have a resolution, we'll continue to explore it.

"The fact that they're shopping [Boston] around, we'll have to consider that fact. Our interest in him last year was well-documented. It's something we'll consider and continue."

With the Owens' decision not expected until Monday, odds are the Ravens cannot compete for the services of Boston.

One other team to keep an eye on remains the San Francisco 49ers, the same team that traded away Owens. They could be a late entrant into the game.

Aaron Wilson contributed to this report

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