Three Million Reasons

San Diego Chargers wide receiver David Boston has scheduled a visit to Miami for Tuesday to meet with Dolphins officials. But what about the Monday deadline to trade him or pay out his bonus?

Rather than get into a lengthy debate over whether the San Diego Chargers have a right to recoup $3 million owed to David Boston, the Bolts decided early last week to see if a trade could be worked out. It would save the team the time to file a grievance and go to arbitration to settle the case. The deadline to file is Monday.

Boston is due a guaranteed $6.9 million over the next two years with an added $1.85 million bonus due Monday. That $1.85 million, in the form of a deferred signing bonus, is just part of the stumbling block.

The Chargers believe they have a case that shows Boston triggered a clause in his contract that would give the Chargers back $3 million for conduct detrimental to the team.

While Mitch Frankel, the agent for Boston, has been mum, word is he is looking over a contract proposal sent to him by the Dolphins.

If the Chargers file such a grievance it could end trade talks while the matter gets settled. With team's looking to figure out their draft board and add some finality to their roster, the market could thin for his services.

Much like last year with Junior Seau, both parties could look to postpone the March 15th date in order to consummate a trade. As the deadline approaches, postponing it seems like the most likely scenario.

Boston now wants out of San Diego as much as San Diego wants him out of town. To drag it out would be detrimental to both parties. By agreeing to postpone the deadline, it would buy time for Frankel to work out the proper contract and the Chargers to then work out the proper compensation for his services.

Notes: Ray Lee Johnson will visit the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Denver Broncos on Tuesday and the Atlanta Falcons have also shown interest. San Diego remains in the mix, but with three teams in the hunt appear to be only a contingency plan.

Ephraim Salaam is no longer on Baltimore's wish list and the Bears appear to be the front-runner for his services. Todd Steussie is drawing serious interest from Tampa, a team that has already signed three offensive linemen this offseason.

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