A Windfall for Boston

The San Diego Chargers have traded David Boston, their leading receiver in yards last year and the potential 49 million dollar man for a sixth round draft choice and a player to be named later. Wow! Quite the haul.

The Chargers free some room up under the cap for players they won't sign. Perhaps they can get the best of what's left with their newfound cap room.

Perhaps that will make up for their lack of activity in free agency, their wholesale dismissal of any and all players that could be considered impact players besides LaDainian Tomlinson.

One wonders whether even Tomlinson's job is safe. How much cap room could the Chargers get by trading him? Perhaps for a seventh round draft choice and a geranium. I can see it now, "And at running back, number 21 a potted plant!"

There is a lot being bandied about regarding the Patriots' low-rent offseasons and how they're winning Super Bowls with cast-offs. That is true to an extent. The Patriots also have legitimate playmakers at crucial skill positions. Barring Tomlinson and Edwards on defense the Chargers can't say the same.

Which is not to say the Chargers don't have good, young players. Jammer is a good cornerback and gets better every game. Jason Ball was a great find at center and Antonio Gates has the potential to be a great tight end. But for every success story the Chargers have eight crash and burn flops. Ryan Leaf and Brian Still come instantly to mind.

There is a lot to be said about having cap room when it's needed. There's even more to be said for having an actual football team. AJ Smith said that last year was the push year. It was not. The Chargers have forked out big money over the past few seasons with nothing but a number one pick in the draft to show for it. Something tells me, however, that this is not the way to reverse the trend.

To go from wanting a first round pick for Boston to taking a sixth in next year's draft and the always-popular player to be named later is a slap in the face and smacks of Bobby Beathard's wrangling wherein we mortgaged our future on a player that was ill-suited to playing Pop Warner.

Charger fans everywhere are shaking their heads in shock and despair and, unless the Chargers make a huge splash with the draft and sign someone slightly more impressive than Randall Godfrey, fans will stay away from the stadium in droves. Who cares what the Patriots do? We need to spend wisely and learn to get the value for a player, not unload him for a song. The song we got for Boston doesn't sound like a top 40 hit.

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