Chargers and Philip Rivers, perfect together?

The San Diego Chargers spent Monday being entertained by Philip Rivers of NC State. After a dinner with the 6-5 quarterback on Sunday, they attended his workout in Raleigh, where Rivers impressed.

Philip Rivers worked out in front of 60-plus scouts and coaches on Monday with the most notable being Marty Schottenheimer, Bill Cowher and Mike Sherman.

Many have speculated that should Rivers make it to pick eleven, the Pittsburgh Steelers would take him in a heartbeat. Talk of that has since died down, but Cowher rarely makes trips out to see prospects unless he plans on taking that player. As an example, in past years he's gone to see Plaxico Burress, Casey Hampton, Kendall Simmons and Troy Polamalu.

Detect a trend?

Sherman, of the Green Bay Packers, has a keen eye on the proceedings as he looks on for the heir apparent to Brett Favre. Rivers would be an ideal fit for Green Bay as his will to win rivals that of the legendary quarterback currently under center in Green Bay.

Which brings it back to the Chargers. There is no doubt the Chargers would love to trade out of the number one spot in the draft. They need more picks to stock a team devoid of playmakers.

As they go on their whirlwind tour of quarterbacks, Rivers is the wildcard.

Schottenheimer loves the kids' work ethic, leadership and intangibles more than any other quarterback. He gushed about him at the Senior Bowl and was impressed at how he took to the offense instantly and made the receivers around him better. Without Rivers running the South, several wideouts would not have had their stock rise so.

The key for the Chargers is trading down to a spot where they are comfortable taking him. Falling too far could put them out of the sweepstakes. In recent weeks, it has become almost a surety that they will take a quarterback with a contingency plan to take a defender should the team lose out by trading down.

On to the Pro Day for Rivers:

Rivers benched 25 times, had a vertical jump of 32 1/2-inches and ran his forty in 4.94 seconds.

His strength shocked many in attendance and as has been his mantra all offseason, Rivers continues to climb up the draft ladder.

"He showed some people he's not just a big body," Todd Stroud, the Wolfpack's director of strength and conditioning said. "He has some athleticism.

"The consensus is Philip will be a first-round pick," Stroud said of what scouts told him. "When and where, that's the big debate and question."

Rivers told one of our scout's in attendance that he was "very relaxed" out on the field. Rivers showed a nice touch on his deep ball. While he won't be confused with Favre's arm strength, the ability to lay one in is just as important. The key is to take it with a grain of salt. Rivers threw with no traffic in his face.

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