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The debate rages on and the San Diego Chargers may in fact be in an enviable position after recent workouts of Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and Philip Rivers (in no particular order). All did well in their interviews and all performed well on the field with Roethlisberger coming out on top.

The top five teams all had a huge group of scouts and coaches in attendance at Ben Roethlisberger's workout. And according to one scout in attendance he blew the doors off the competition:

"Throwing into the wind, he looked like the number one pick. I can guarantee you that no one else had a workout as good as this kid – in the last couple of years."

Roethlisberger (6-4 7/8, 240) ran his 40s in 4.81 and 4.82. He had a 30-inch vertical, a 4.32 short shuttle and a 6.81 three-cone drill. Grant Mattos caught passes for Roethlisberger and when we asked whether the quarterback needed any advice, Mattos replied, "He really has a good head on his shoulders and has a good feeling for what he needs to do."

The one issue the Chargers reportedly have with Roethlisberger is the time he spent playing shotgun at Miami of Ohio. The last guy they picked up who played that style of offense was Drew Brees, a player that they have soured on.

Eli Manning is gaining popularity around town and the Chargers plan is to play that card. Not much is known about his individual workout with the team and it is that hush that has other teams thinking the Chargers want him bad. That is exactly what they want to portray.

Rumors persist that the Giants are seriously considering trading up and the Chargers would love to have the fourth pick in the draft.

As for Philip Rivers, the Chargers are enamored with his attitude and confident aura. He instantly gained credibility in a game setting, the Senior Bowl, and did not have to shine during his individual workout. The word from someone watching the proceedings is he did nail it and did not display much in the way of poor arm strength.

"Philip has presence in the huddle, leadership, poise and the control of the rest of the offensive players," NC State Head Coach Chuck Amato said.

AJ Smith on 1090 AM on Thursday. Smith was candid in his remarks regarding Drew Brees and the need for the Chargers to upgrade the quarterback position. More posturing as the team heads into the draft or is it the truth?

That is for you to decide.


Remember Brian Poli-Dixon? Let us retort. Poli-Dixon was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2002 where he attended camp with the Chargers. The 6-5 wide receiver was curtailed by a hamstring injury and disappeared but was still listed as being part of the Chargers as a member of the reserve list.

Apparently the 49ers were impressed enough with Brian Poli-Dixon's morning workout that they signed him to a one-year contract Thursday evening.

Poli-Dixon earned All-Pac 10 honors following his sophomore and senior seasons at UCLA. He left the Bruins ranked fifth on the all-time school list with 139 receptions for 2,127 yards and 20 touchdowns.

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