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The San Diego Chargers are weighing their options as the draft draws near, but other news, notes and quotes have been filtering out of San Diego and we have the latest – an update from Andrew Pinnock – draft prospects with their eyes on San Diego – the latest on the kicking situation – and the word on NFL Europe.

En-Lightning News:

"The coaching staff is working real hard," Andrew Pinnock said. "They are not stopping. When I go by the facility after my workouts, every last coaches' car is in the parking lot. They are working non-stop."

After a 4-12 season it would seem this year that jobs are on the line. With the first overall pick, they have no choice but to continue working hard. But, nonetheless, it is a good sign that the staff seems to want to build a winner, despite what the critics say.

How is the mood of the team after all the moves and a season that was less than stellar?

"The mood is to not give up and get back at it," Pinnock added. "I can't really state for everyone, but hopefully everyone is on the same page and ready to turn this thing around."

Several draft prospects have said after their experience with the coaching staff at the Senior Bowl, they would welcome the opportunity to play in San Diego.

Among those who have publicly applauded position coaches within the Chargers staff is Devery Henderson, a potential steal in the early third round. He is reminiscent, talent wise, of Laveranues Coles when the Jets in the third round picked him. Henderson is a shy man who has just two years of experience as a receiver. He has the potential to be a Pro Bowler.

A player who had good things to say about Wayne Nunnely is Rodney Leisle. Leisle showed grit in his Pro Day workout at UCLA and the Chargers took notice. Of late, the team has felt that many of its players are unwilling to play through minor pain and they are looking to reverse that trend.

Look for the Chargers to attempt to lockup several players who were on the South Squad in the draft. History has shown that teams have a tendency to pick players they have coached on previous Senior Bowl squads as the team really gets a chance to find out what kind of players and people they are. Sure it was only a week, but a lot can be siphoned from the work in the film room and on the field.

Mackenzie Hoambrecker is the only kicker in town and the team does not plan on moving on another before the draft, where they privately hope Nate Kaeding falls. They will likely go young at the position this season intent on bringing a veteran in only if needed during the season.

"I have been holding for Mackenzie," Mike Scifres said. "Steve was not picky. Put the ball straight up and down and he will get the job done – don't give him laces. Mackenzie is a little different – you have to move it around a little bit. It took me all of camp to get Mackenzie down."

Opening weekend for NFL Europe is April 3rd:

Jerton Evans, playing in NFL Europe, is slated to be the backup strong safety for the Centurions.

Clenton Ballard, playing for the Frankfurt Galaxy, will be the third defensive tackle in the rotation.

Offensive guard Chad Ward will get the starting right tackle assignment for the Scottish Claymores in NFL Europe. The Chargers have high hopes that Ward will be able to make a smooth transition outside and add depth to their own offensive line.

The New York Jets signed offensive tackle Reggie Coleman. Coleman, a sixth-round pick of the Redskins in 2002, spent last season on the San Diego Chargers' practice squad.

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