Chargers 2004 Draft Chat Transcript

Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview stopped by the chat room on Thursday night to talk San Diego Chargers football, specifically related to the 2004 NFL Draft set to transpire in two weeks. From the inevitable quarterback questions to the lesser known picks, all was covered. And Tony will be back with us on April 22nd at 7 PM PST, just two days before the Draft!

timepiece33: So what do you think is going to happen with the first pick?
TFYDraft: The Chargers will try like hell to trade that first pick!

nyislelover: How much value are they likely to get in a trade down scenario in the top 5?
TFYDraft: The Chargers should at least get a second round choice, but not much more.

nyislelover: Whom do you rate higher today – Eli Manning (Ole Miss) or Ben Roethlisberger (Miami of Ohio)?
TFYDraft: Ben is bigger, has a much better arm and is a better athlete than Manning. He also pays more attention to details

KennyWilliams: What about level of competition for Roethlisberger?
TFYDraft: There are no issues regarding Ben's level of competition

timepiece33: Whom would you draft number 1 overall if you were the Chargers?
TFYDraft: If I were the Chargers GM, I would draft Manning at number 1

sfbolt: If Roethlisberger is the better prospect, why select Manning?
TFYDraft: Manning will give your the quickest return as a rookie

boltguy: Do you have any questions about Eli Manning's laid back attitude or leadership abilities (said to be almost painfully shy, Easy E nickname)?
TFYDraft: I have some reservations. He does like his beer

ukcharger: If the Chargers trade down with the Giants and pick at #4, which player will most likely still be on the board: Eli Manning (QB, Ole Miss), Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Pittsburgh), Robert Gallery (OT, Iowa), or Ben Roethlisberger (Miami of Ohio)?
TFYDraft: Big Ben will still be around at #4

timepiece33: Are there any players that appear to be in the Chargers sight?
TFYDraft: Philip Rivers (QB, North Carolina State) is in the Chargers sight. Both the front office and Marty Schottenheimer are looking at Rivers.

boltguy: Do you think Rivers will be better than a Bernie Kosar type?
TFYDraft: No he wont be better than Kosar

timepiece33: Will Rivers go in the top 15?
TFYDraft: Yes, most likely, he will got in top 15

timepiece33: What are your thoughts on JP Losman (QB, Tulane) and Matt Schaub (QB, Virginia)?
TFYDraft: Losman is an excellent athlete who is marginal in the short game since he sprays the ball. Schaub is a marginal athlete with excellent short yardage passing, but he cannot get the ball down field

timepiece33: What late round QB's do you like most (4th or later)?
TFYDraft: Bradlee Van Pelt (Colorado) and Jared Lorenzen (Kentucky)

boltguy: Is Robert Gallery (OT, Iowa) the safest pick of the Draft?
TFYDraft: Robert Gallery (OT, Iowa) and Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Pittsburgh) are equally safe as picks

boltguy: Is Gallery worthy of the #1 overall, in your opinion?
TFYDraft He is not dominant enough. He is not a Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace

timepiece33: Who are some of the better LT prospects other than Robert Gallery (Iowa). What are their strengths and weaknesses?
TFYDraft: Jacob Rogers (Southern Cal) is smart and good pass protector, but he is not a great athlete
TFYDraft: Adrian Jones (Kansas) is a tremendous athlete with great upside, but only played one full year. He needs a lot of work
TFYDraft: Nat Dorsey (Georgia Tech) is another solid athlete with good upside, but he must condition himself better instead of being a fat lazy guy :)

boltguy: Do you believe Jacob Rogers can perform adequately at the LT position his rookie year?
TFYDraft: He should be able to start by the middle of his rookie season, but not right away

55bolts: Can Shawn Andrews's (Arkansas) brother Stacy (Ole Miss) make a transition to OT?
TFYDraft: Andrews can be a starter in the NFL, but it won't happen for a few years

timepiece33: There has been some talk about Sean Locklear (North Carolina State) or Justin Smiley (Alabama) playing LT in the pros. Any thoughts?
TFYDraft: There is no way that Locklear can play LT. Smiley has the athleticism, but is only 6-3 and that concerns me at LT.

nyislelover: This isn't a draft question, but what kind of upside do you see for Phil Bogle? Can he be a legitimate OT for San Diego?
TFYDraft: Phil Bogle is best suited as backup/spot starter

55bolts: What is your opinion of Courtney Van Buren at RT?
TFYDraft: Courtney Van Buren is a guy who needs A LOT of time to learn the position. He needs to round out his game as the level of competition is greater in the NFL

boltguy: What order do you think these WR's will go off the board? RaShaun Woods (Oklahoma State), Lee Evans (Wisconsin), Michael Clayton (Louisiana State), Michael Jenkins (Ohio State), and Devery Henderson (Louisiana State)
TFYDraft: 1) Clayton; 2) Woods; 3) Jenkins; 4) Evans; 5) Henderson.

boltguy: How many WR's taken in round one?
TFYDraft: 6 looks to be the number

DenisSavage: Can you update us on Mike Williams's (WR, Southern Cal) workout today? Does it help the Chargers?
TFYDraft: It helped Mike Williams :)

timepiece33: What are your thoughts on RaShaun Woods (WR, Oklahoma State)?
TFYDraft: Woods is the most natural and polished receiver in the draft

boltguy: Who do you think will potentially be the better WR? Ernest Wilford (Virginia Tech) or Bernard Berrian (Fresno State)?
TFYDraft: It is comparing Apples and Oranges. Wilford is a big body receiver who may grow into a TE, while Berrian is an elusive pass catcher who would be perfect in a west coast offense

ukcharger: Would Jason Geathers (Miami) be a good late round project WR pick up? He seems to have the prototypical size and speed needed. Any other WR's to look out for in the last couple of rounds?
TFYDraft: Geathers will be an excellent late round pick. He just needs to learn the position. Late round possibilities include Drew Carter (Ohio State), Clarence Moore (Northern Arizona, and Justin Jenkins (Mississippi State)

ukcharger: Can you compare and contrast the following DTs: Isaac Sopoaga (Hawaii), Igor Olshansky (Oregon), and Junior Siavii (Oregon). Where do you feel each will get drafted and who is the best prospect in your opinion?
TFYDraft: Sopoaga will be the first one drafted. He could sneak into the late first round. He is best-run stuffer of the group and a guy who can be a two-gap player.
TFYDraft: Olshansky is the best athlete of the group and can be used as an end in a 3/4 alignment. He is a better pass rusher and fits more as a late second round choice
TFYDraft: Siavii has the best size of all of them with a good upside, but he has character issues and was not a productive player until his senior season. He rates out as a first day guy, but his issues will push him to the second day (5th or 6th round)

timepiece33: Can Darnell Docket (DT, Florida State) be used as a 3-4 DE?
TFYDraft: Docket can be a 3-4 DE

boltguy: Will Randy Starks (DT, Maryland) drop to the 2nd round?
TFYDraft: Most likely

timepiece33: What about Rodney Leislie (DT, UCLA)and Dave Ball (DE, UCLA)?
TFYDraft: Leislie is a solid player who can't stay healthy and doesn't have great upside. Ball is a nice player, but he is not as good as his stats suggest.

timepiece33: Which pass rusher do you like best as a 3-4 OLB: Travis LaBoy (Hawaii), Shaun Phillips (Purdue), and Jason Babin (Western Michigan)? What rounds do you think they'll go in?
TFYDraft: Babin would be best standing over tackle. LaBoy and Babin will go in round 2, while Phillips will be a 3rd round choice.

timepiece33: What do you think of Karlos Dansby (LB, Auburn)?
TFYDraft: Dansby is the best LB in the draft, but suffered from a case if senior-itis and slipped down draft boards

RobCurtis: Why doesn't Reggie Torbor (DE/LB, Auburn) get more publicity? He is 6'2" 250 pounds with 4.66 speed who had 9.5 sacks, 17 pressures, and 14.5 TFL in the SEC.
TFYDraft: Torbor is a tweener who is too small to be DE and must prove he can play LB

timepiece33: Any thoughts on Nathaniel Abidi (DE/LB, Virginia Tech)?
TFYDraft: Abidi is a solid pass rush guy who will have difficulty against the run

nyislelover: Why has Richard Seigler's (LB, Oregon State) stock dropped so much?
TFYDraft: Richard is small, slow and coming off a knee injury

nyislelover: Is all the hype around Sean Taylor (S, Miami) justified? Can he revolutionize the Safety position?
TFYDraft: Roy Williams has already done that, but Taylor will be a better player. People may question him after his rookie year, but he will show his true skills by year 2

boltguy: Is Bob Sanders (S, Iowa) potentially another Blaine Bishop or better? When will he be picked?
TFYDraft: Sanders is like Bishop, but Bishop had better cover skills. He will be taken around the top of round 3

timepiece33: What position will provide the best value at the top of round 2?
TFYDraft: CB

ukcharger: After Nate Kaeding (Iowa), who is likely to be the second kicker taken? In which round?
TFYDraft: The 2nd kicker taken will be David Kimball (Penn State) in the 7th round as a kickoff specialist. Josh Scobee (Louisiana Tech) is the most likely 2nd pure kicker, but he is not likely to be drafted

timepiece33: Who are your top sleepers in the draft (round 4 and below)?
TFYDraft: Ben Utech (TE, Minnesota), Kendrick Starlings (WR, San Jose State), Darius Watts (WR, Marshall), Todd Ghilani (C, Northern Illinois),.Gabe Nyenhius (DE, Colorado), and Coles Colas (OLB, Virginia Tech)

nyislelover: Who are some of your boom/bust players for this year's draft?
TFYDraft: Boom - Michael Jenkins (WR, Ohio State). Bust - Vince Wilfolk (DT, Miami)

Bolts55: How do the Chargers continue to miss on players in rounds 2-3?
TFYDraft: Because they draft too many DB's

nyislelover: In your opinion, are the Chargers worrying too much about the purse strings? Will that affect their draft in terms of whom they will or won't pick?
TFYDraft: Money has nothing to do with draft picks since they are allotted a certain amount of revenue for the draft. They would shell out a lot of money for QB's.

Charger33: Should our drafting strategy be geared towards a future with or without Marty Schottenheimer? Do you believe the best strategy is to pick the best player available regardless of scheme or do you consider scheme?
TFYDraft: Marty and AJ Smith are going to get a player (s) that will produce ASAP. That is not the best strategy

MondayMorningquarterback: What positions and players will the Charger's draft in the first 4 rounds?
TFYDraft: QB Eli Manning (Ole Miss), Round 1; OT Jacob Rogers (Southern Cal), Round 2; DT Terry Johnson (Washington), Round 3; WR Bernard Berrian (Fresno State), Round 4

DenisSavage: Tony, as usual, you have outdone yourself by coming by the board and helping us out.
TFYDraft: Your welcome, and thank you Denis for having me speak with all these great fans
DenisSavage: We have one more coming up with Tony on the 22nd of this month!

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