No Thanks!

Now that the rumor mill is churning up old food looking for a diamond, it is time to say no thanks! Speculation in the last day has the San Diego Chargers trading away the number one overall pick for – get this – Kerry Collins. The Giants must think they are living in a fantasy world, or at least the media does. They should have called San Diego to get a beat on the team before hurling this rhetoric.

"Obviously, I would have to settle my contract before that would happen," Kerry Collins said. "No team is going to trade for me for one year with a $7 million salary and a high cap number."

Actually, no team is going to trade for Collins period, especially when it involves giving up the number one pick. For a team such as the Chargers, who are looking at youth and a real rebuilding…ok AJ Smith doesn't believe in rebuilding but let's be honest here.

Kerry Collins is not the future of a franchise. He is becoming the past on his own Giants team.

"You would think they have to have my contract situation figured out before they figure out what they're going to do in the draft, or vice-versa. I don't think they know what they want to do yet. I think they're considering a lot of possibilities. I'm in a wait-and-see mode just like everybody else is."

The rumors are just that, rumors. Thinking the Chargers will trade for a 30-something year old quarterback when they have turned down so many others this offseason is silly.

They want a franchise quarterback. Mark Brunell, while on the wrong side of 30 was the only man they seriously showed interest in. Collins is no Brunell.

The Chargers need playmakers that can grow with the team, not a quarterback that is in the last year of a contract. They want draft picks in return, the best commodity for a team with so many holes.

Who is in charge of telling the New York media to stop spewing chunks?

Just because the Giants covet Manning, does not mean Collins is done in New York. Rather, Collins would likely bridge the gap for a year while Manning learns with a clipboard.

San Diego wants to haul something similar to what they got from the Michael Vick trade. They believe they can get it. Eli Manning may not even be on top of Chargers draft board, much to the dismay of many.

The Chargers want to trade, but it does not mean they will take the garbage left out back. To the Bolts, Collins is that garbage. With an offer that has Collins as the centerpiece, the only words Ernie Accorsi will hear are. "No thanks."

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