Chargers Rumors and Rumblings

Around this time of year the rumor mill is churning and the San Diego Chargers are caught in the crosshairs. From the draft to free agency, yes, free agency, word is being spread to the fans that certain events are about to transpire. Some of these rumors will be quelled here, while others will get some credence.

Curtis Conway had one of his most productive seasons just three seasons ago playing for the San Diego Chargers. In that year, Conway passed 1,000 yards receiving when he caught 71 balls. The next year, had he not gotten hurt, he may have been worthy of Pro Bowl consideration. He caught 57 passes but injuries cost him serious playing time and even when he played he was ineffective.

Since then, he landed with the Jets and caught just 46 passes. The team released him this offseason and he is looking for work.

As of Tuesday, the Chargers had not contacted the agent for Conway. In other words, the rumors that placed him close to getting back with the team that let him go are untrue. While that may change, the present situation is clear — Curtis Conway is not close to re-signing with the Bolts.

The Giants, according to a league source, will call the Bolts on Wednesday in hopes of working out a trade with the team for the number one overall draft pick. Wednesday is officially the ten day window that AJ Smith stipulated as a time to talk about trading the pick.

One of the big factors in all this trade hoopla is the feeling from many GM's across the league that Oakland will take Robert Gallery at number two. That would eliminate any double trade downs and may force the Giants to deal up with San Diego.

It isn't that easy. While unconfirmed, the Chargers have reportedly sent Eli Manning a playbook.

The Giants want to do a deal quickly so they can have time to negotiate with Eli and there is a belief that they will not do the deal if it gets closer to the draft. What they are offering is unclear at this time, but it does not figure to grow. The Giants still feel they are among the few that will seriously pursue a trade with San Diego.

On the draft front, James Lofton has been active. The team is settled into their bunker in San Diego, but that does not preclude them from making the rounds. Lofton called Keary Colbert last week to talk to the wideout from USC. If that is any indication, the Chargers could be seriously thinking receiver between rounds two and three.

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