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The San Diego Chargers admittedly have a lot of holes to fill. That is where the draft comes in. Sitting at the top of each round, the Bolts must prioritize each position, besides looking at the best talent available. While certain talent cannot be passed up if they fall, others will have to be bypassed as the talent rich position in the draft dictates.

For example, if there is a Lee Evans on the board in round two, he will be hard to pass up no matter how good the perceived depth at receiver is. But if the talent isn't there to blow the team away, they must look at their needs and assess which area they need to go because depth at a certain position may last until the next round.

By taking a look at each position, they will be able to select the draftee that will help them the most in each round.

Wide receiver is a deep position, but at the same token the hardest to project. Anquan Boldin was passed over by every team and went on to have a stellar rookie season. Many top picks don't turn out well and teams are left floundering. Right now, the Chargers have their eyes on several receivers, most notably Devery Henderson. Should he be there in the third round, the team will not pass him up. Henderson, had he played four years at receiver, would be pushing the first round envelop with ease. Henderson, arguably, has more upside than any other player in this draft.

Offensive tackle is the weak link of this draft, similar to how it is on the team.

The key here is projecting the future. Next year's crop is said to be excellent at the position, but things change as this was supposed to be the year of the linebacker, but instead that turned into a sham.

After Robert Gallery, the pickings appear to be slim. Is a Jacob Rogers the answer in round two if Darnell Dockett is still on the board?

More important, perhaps, is can they afford to pass on a Rogers or a Nat Dorsey when the depth declines even further as the draft moves on. One interesting name to look for in round four is Stacy Andrews. The brother of Shawn could be a steal in this draft…but will the team think Courtney Van Buren with him?

Kicker may be a situation they have no choice but to draft. With only Mackenzie Hoambrecker, an untested second year player who would essentially be a rookie, the Chargers may be best served by picking Nate Kaeding in the third round. He could be the difference in wins and losses, if not this year then in '05.

The weights and balances a team must go through will truly give fans a look into the future. With a solid draft, the Chargers might even have a future.

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