2004 Draft Prospect Interview: Kyle Rasmussen

With a brother that played in the Super Bowl, Kyle Rasmussen of Michigan State surely has an edge heading into Pro Days and the Draft. He can draw upon, Kemp, someone who has been there before and get some friendly advice, right?

"Inspirationally," Rasmussen says of the help his brother has given him. "He has made it. He is there. Not so much giving tips, just pushing me along."

The 6-4 defensive tackle that has also played some defensive end is known for his run stuffing ability. In fact, he cites run stopping among his strengths saying, "It is what I do."

He admits he is not a pass rusher. He prefers, instead, to get everyone else the glory.

"I just try and press the pocket," Rasmussen said. "I played a lot of nose tackle this past year and just tried to face up the quarterback and try to take away the scramble lanes. Just be where I need to be so that I can help other guys get sacks."

The stout man in the middle. Every team needs the type of grinder he is. Weighing in at 305, he plans to stay at that weight. It is similar to what he played at and gives him the best feel. His plan is to work on his speed, strength and endurance in anticipation of his Pro Day on March 23.

A starter since the tail end of his freshman year, Kyle Rasmussen was relegated to a situational role in '03. This after he led the defensive line in tackles for the second year in a row with 49 tackles, 19 over the last three games, as a junior while also being credited with four QB hits.

"I played a lot and started a lot," Rasmussen said. "I played in a lot of big games and performed well in big games. I am hoping that helps me out. I think I have some pretty good game film. I have to perform when pro day comes around and my game film should help me out."

His collegiate career was marred slightly when he missed spring drills. People started to question his heart. The word was he missed several weeks, but Rasmussen says that is not the case.

"I just missed one week of workouts. I made all those up and it was a bigger thing than it was made out to be."

Scouts will have their questions on what they perceive to be true. They may demand to see more out of Rasmussen because of those preconceived notions. Therefore, Rasmussen may have a lot to prove.

"I don't know so much prove, but there are things I want to show them. I want to show them I can run a 5.0 forty. I want to show them that I am strong and have good speed."

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