What we hear....

As the big weekend arrives some news and notes from what insiders have been telling us or what we've heard the past few weeks.  This will be updated through Friday afternoon.

The Chargers are still trying to move the first pick, so what's the hold-up? The compensation San Diego wants in return for the top spot. The franchise feels it got the raw end of the deal when they traded away the rights to select Michael Vick and are looking to secure not only choices in this years' draft but a number one in the 2005 draft as New England was able to pull off a year ago when Baltimore moved up for Kyle Boller.

If Larry Fitzgerald is not available at number three what will the Cardinals do? The consensus is Dennis Green would select Roy Williams but sources have told us the team has Kellen Winslow Jr. rated higher.

Phillip Rivers is the Giants number one choice but will they take him with the fourth pick? Unlikely but it may not matter. Word is the Giants will swap picks with Cleveland then take the North Carolina passer in the seventh slot, getting a third round choice in return from the Borwns. Butch Davis wants and needs playmakers on both sides of the ball and would be happy with either of the top rated players from Miami.

Most everyone has Kenche Udeze penciled in for the Jaguars in the ninth slot but don't be too sure. A very reliable source thinks the team will look in another direction and is cooling on Udeze. Evidently Jack Del Rio was not overly impressed with Udeze's workout at USC on March 24th. In keeping with the Trojan theme (Del Rio's alma mater) Mike Williams was being seriously considered until today. Don't be surprised if the pick is Will Smith or DeAngelo Hall, assuming the corner is still available.

One team really negatively affected by today's court decision against Mike Williams was the New York Jets as it reduced several possibilities for the Jets. They could've selected the big wide out for themselves or used him as trade bait. All along we heard San Francisco was interested in his services if the price was not to steep to trade up for Williams and so was Denver. For the longest time the Bronco's desire in this draft was Kellen Winslow Jr. but after it was apparent they would not have a chance of selecting him the team was seriously thinking about acquiring Williams in round one and using him in a Shannon Sharpe type role.

Percentages are high that the Steelers will take a quarterback with their first pick (Ben Roethlisberger) then a corner in round two (Ahmad Carroll). But what about after that? Sources have told us the Steelers are enamored with Eric Taylor, the defensive lineman from Memphis gaining a lot of momentum as we head towards the draft. Pittsburgh feels Taylor would be a great fit as a two-gap end in their system and has a tremendous upside. So what's the hold-up? Dan Rooney has a third round grade on Taylor but wants to look in another direction during that frame. The team does not feel Taylor will be available to them in round four.

Should Jonathan Vilma start to slide look for Tony Dungy to try and move up and select the Miami linebacker.

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