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With the San Diego Chargers holding the number one overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, expect trade talks, and the rumors associated with them, to heat up. Coaches will convene for full days with the scouts as they form their draft board. By mid week, the board will officially be set.

A few minor changes will occur over the last two days as the gameplan is finalized and the final debates take place on a particular set of players.

Contract negotiations are expected to begin, as long as the Chargers still hold the number one pick. It is a right they have to work with anyone deemed worthy of the number one slot. Those players include Eli Manning, Robert Gallery and Larry Fitzgerald.

A deal may be struck with any, but more realistically parameters will be set. L'est we forget the team is still trying to deal the pick.

The pot is expected to sweeten as Tuesday and Wednesday roll around and the action starts to heat up. Concrete intentions should now come to the forefront.

The New York Giants and Washington Redskins are two of the confirmed teams (no matter what Washington and Vinny Cerrato says) interested in the number one overall pick. Look for Cleveland to get involved this week.

The Giants crave Manning, the Redskins want Gallery and the Browns also want Gallery. The package for each is expected to be players and picks, but picks in 2004 will be considered premium and a priority.

If the team can acquire an extra second at the top of round two and another pick, player or future choice, it may be considered enough.

The Chargers have a few major holes to fill, namely at offensive tackle, quarterback, wide receiver, kicker and along the defensive line.

By getting an extra two, the team will be able to potentially fill three spots with starters or future stars in those key spots.

That will enable them to possibly secure a kicker or defensive tackle in round three and look for the best available the rest of the way.

Anyway you slice it, it should be an interesting week.

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