2004 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Matt Miller

While most guys were working out and just getting ready for football, Matt Miller was presiding over an elementary school class as a substitute teacher. An offensive tackle from Louisiana College cuts an imposing figure for the tykes in his classroom, but outside of school, he is a talent on the rise from a Division III school.

Matt Miller works out everyday, despite other commitments. In fact, Miller worked on his wedding day – something many would not be bold enough to do.

He laughs as he mentions how much support his wife and family have given him.

It all started back in his junior year when a New Orleans Saints scout came down to watch him, measure him and submit him to the Wonderlic. After watching film, the scout made his report.

"I think I got a good write up from him and from there it just kind of sparked 15 to 18 teams came through. It just blossomed from there."

And now other teams are showing a lot of interest.

"The teams that are showing the most interest in me are the Kansas City Chiefs, the Giants, Chargers, and the Packers. Seven teams were down to time me."

Miller looks at the whole process as being surreal.

"It really was," says Miller. It has always been a dream of mine to play in the NFL. It didn't seem like it would actualize until this fall when teams starting coming in every week."

Miller has since run a 5.2 on grass, a 5.08 on the track and benched 225 a solid 31 times.

Despite the talk, Miller is running against the odds. Mr. Irrelevant, Ryan Hoag, was the only Division III player selected last year. He was given the distinction of Mr. Irrelevant because he was selected with the last pick in the 2003 draft.

"They wonder if I can make the transition," Miller says honestly. "I feel like, in my mind, I will be able to. There is no doubt."

While he played tackle in college, he is projected at guard in the NFL. That is one of the things that will hurt his chances of getting drafted. Miller cites his height as the reason for the move.

"I have been measured at 6-4, which is not necessarily as tall as most tackles in the NFL," Miller confessed. "Our bread and butter was the tackle-guard counter. Teams that have shown the most interest say they really like the way I pull. I think that is the main thing that attracts me as a guard.

"From what I have been told I will almost definitely be at the guard spot in the NFL."

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