chat room on Thursday to discuss the San Diego Chargers draft.

Tony touched upon the Manning situation, what he is hearing on the trade front, the three QB's and much, much more."> chat room on Thursday to discuss the San Diego Chargers draft.

Tony touched upon the Manning situation, what he is hearing on the trade front, the three QB's and much, much more.">

Chargers Draft Chat Transcript

Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview stopped by the <a href=""></a> chat room on Thursday to discuss the San Diego Chargers draft.<br><br> Tony touched upon the Manning situation, what he is hearing on the trade front, the three QB's and much, much more.

timepiece33: Can you give us an update on Ole Miss QB Eli Manning, trade rumors, and the number 1 pick?
TFYDraft: The trade between the Giants and SD is almost done, in fact we posted last night it was near completion. The hold-up is, as you may expect, final compensation. The Chargers want a two this year and a two next year or a player (Ike Hilliard) and a three next year. They still feel they screwed themselves in the Michael Vick deal.

Archie Manning's stupid comments today basically were to help "seal the deal". He tells SD that Eli would not play for the Chargers, so he ends up in NY. BTW, the Chargers will look to trade down further from the 4th slot unless Iowa OT Robert Gallery is available.

DenisSavage: Tony, just so you know...I also just got word that Cleveland is offering #7, their #1 next year and Northcutt
TFYDraft: Were I a Charger fan, I would not want Cleveland drafting in the top four. Right now the Raiders are targeting Texas WR Roy Williams, but want to trade down and grab him. If Cleveland can't get Robert Gallery with the 2nd pick and are still on the board at the 7th pick, there is a good chance after the SD-Giants trade the Browns will want to move up to the 4th pick to select Miami TE Kellen Winslow.

DenisSavage: Are you sure Cleveland would not want Miami S Sean Taylor?
TFYDraft: Cleveland wants either Miami guy, but right now I hear it is Winslow that they prefer.

timepiece33: What would Cleveland give up to move up from the 7th pick to the 4th pick?
TFYDraft: Probably a 4th round pick, but you may be able to squeeze a 3rd round pick from them

Bolthead: If the Chargers' deal with the Giants is done, isn't it likely that Cleveland will deal with the Raiders to move to the 2nd pick to take Gallery?
TFYDraft: They are trying, but the Raiders are afraid to move too far down and miss out on Texas WR Roy Williams.

DenisSavage: DeQuincy Scott told us today he wants Gallery
TFYDraft: I remember scouting DeQuincy Scott at USM!! I like him.

jorysaywut: Is Gallery really as safe as he seems? Will he be able to step in like Carolina's Jordan Gross last year?
TFYDraft: Yes.

timepiece33: Give us your thoughts on NC State QB Philip Rivers vs. Miami of Ohio QB Ben Roethlisberger vs. Ole Miss QB Eli Manning?
TFYDraft: Manning is solid, but not spectacular. He will offer solid short-term gains and long-term promise to the team that drafts him. He is better than Rivers, but his downfall may be that he likes his beer!
TFYDraft: Rivers is a winner and true leader. He is very mature and knows the position. Unfortunately, he has limitations. He has marginal arm strength and a horrible release (he slings the ball from the side). He is a guy you must develop a system around rather than plug him into a system.
TFYDraft: Roethlisberger has more upside than Rivers and Manning. He is much better physically, but he is also mature and smart. He will need time getting accustomed to a higher level of competition like Minnesota QB Daunte Culpepper and Tennessee QB Steve McNair.

nyislelover: Is there any chance that Tulane QB J.P. Losman falls to the top of the 2nd round?
TFYDraft: I originally thought so, but it looks more and more like Green Bay will take him.

Bolthead: Assuming for a moment that Gallery falls to the 4th pick and the Chargers take him, what QB, if any, would they go after in the 2nd round?
TFYDraft: Probably none if Tulane QB JP Losman was not available

mketch: What are your thoughts on former Florida State QB Adrian McPherson? Where does he go?
TFYDraft: I "bet" McPherson doesn't get drafted and ends up in Vegas somewhere.

connseanery: How confident are you that the Chargers will deal out of the 1st spot? Mortenson and other analysts are saying that AJ wants to keep the #1 pick and plans to take Eli against his wishes. That scares me.
TFYDraft: I am very confident they will deal out of the 1st spot.

timepiece33: Is the #7, Dennis Northcutt, and a #1 pick next year worthy of the first pick?
TFYDraft: Generally yes, however Charger Coach Marty Schottenheimer and Charger GM AJ Smith really can't be concerned about next year.

timepiece33: What are your general thoughts on AJ Smith as a GM?
TFYDraft: I think he misses John Butler a lot.

nyislelover: What seems to be the general opinion of AJ Smith around the league? How do you think he has handled the Eli situation?
TFYDraft: Smith is well liked and everyone respects him. As far as how he handled the Eli situation, it is too early. If he pulls off a couple of deals on or before Saturday, then he'll be a genius. He has done a good job with the first. He has dangled it and pulled it back. He likes Manning and Gallery. Everyone is guessing.

mketch: Do you think the following players will be available in the 2nd round: Oklahoma State WR RaShaun Woods, Ohio State WR Michael Jenkins, Alabama DE Antwan Odom, Florida State DE Darnell Dockett, or Maryland DT Randy Starks?
TFYDraft: Woods and Dockett will not be available. Odom should be available, but I would stay away. Starks will probably be available.

mketch: Whom would you take?
TFYDraft: Depending on the trade, Jenkins is the move underrated receiver in the draft and would be great value for SD in the 2nd round.

nyislelover: Who are a couple of "good guys" that we should root for in this draft no matter where they go?
TFYDraft: Oklahoma State WR RaShaun Woods, Boston College OG Chris Snee, and Tennessee C Scott Wells (who I hear SD likes).

mketch: Are Southern Cal OT Jacob Rogers, Purdue OT Kelly Butler or Georgia Tech OT Nat Dorsey worthy of a 2nd round pick?
TFYDraft: All are worthy of mid-to-late 2nd round picks.

jorysaywut: Has Arkansas OT Shawn Andrews stock fallen so drastically that he'll be available in the 2nd round?
TFYDraft: The lowest Andrews falls is Miami at the 20th pick.

nyislelover: What do you think of Ohio State OL Bryce Bishop?
TFYDraft: I like Bishop. The problem is that despite lots of talent, he has marginal intensity/desire. The guy lost his starting job halfway through his senior campaign.

ringquester: Where will North Carolina OG Jeb Terry be drafted?
TFYDraft: Terry could squeeze into the late first day, but I like him in the 4th round.

timepiece33: What is your opinion of Maryland DT Randy Starks?
TFYDraft: Starks is a solid prospect with a nice upside. The problem is that he was a better player on film in 2002 then in 2003

ringquester: Can either Texas DT Marcus Tubbs or LSU DT Chad Lavalais play nose tackle or are they better suited in a traditional 4-3?
TFYDraft: I think both can play NT. Tubbs is more of a mauler. Lavalais is lightening quick, but would have to be rotated in the middle.

nyislelover: What are your thoughts on North Texas DT Brandon Kennedy? Despite being undersized, can he be a force at DT as a late round pick?
TFYDraft: I like Kennedy and think he is good late round value. Is he a force? No, but he is a good guy for a rotational system.

ringquester: Will Hampton DE/OLB Isaac Hilton last until round 3?
TFYDraft: Yes, Hilton will go late three

timepiece33: Who are the best fits as a 3-4 OLB in the 2nd through 4th round?
TFYDraft: Nebraska LB Demorrio Williams, West Virginia LB Grant Wiley, and Wisconsin LB Alex Lewis. Some undersized DE's may fit like Hampton's Isaac Hilton and Virginia Tech's Nathaniel Abidi also fit

timepiece33: Any thoughts on Georgia Tech LB Keyaron Fox?
TFYDraft: Fox is a solid weakside linebacker who should come off the board in the early 3rd round

timepiece33: Will USC sophomore WR Mike Williams be in the supplemental draft or will he go back to USC?
TFYDraft: He can't go back to USC as he signed with an agent. I think the NFL has these guys by the privates and is going to squeeze hard. Like it or not, it is there own fault.

DenisSavage: Any good 6th round running backs or strictly return specialists?
TFYDraft: Nebraska RB Josh Davis

fouts14: Any idea if the Chargers would spend a 4th round pick on Iowa K Nate Kaeding? Is there any hope he drops to them in the 5th?
TFYDraft: Kaeding won't drop to the 5th round. The Chargers may consider him in the 4th round though Carolina could snag him since John Kasay is no spring chicken.

ringquester: Where does Florida State WR Kendric Starling get drafted?
TFYDraft: I think Starling has 3rd round talent; but due to the depth of the WR position, he will go mid-to-late in the 4th round.

nyislelover: Any opinions on Charger TE Antonio Gates and what he might be able to do this year?
TFYDraft: I hope he does well, but don't be surprised if he hits a bump in the road

mketch: If the trade with NY goes down, who are our two targets in the 2nd?
TFYDraft: Assuming Ike Hilliard is not part of the deal, the Chargers will select whatever good receiver is still available (Ohio State's Michael Jenkins/LSU's Devery Henderson) and a DT (Oregon State DT Dwan Edwards, Texas DT Marcus Tubbs, and Maryland DT Randy Starks) if one should fall. Then again, I should say any position, but the secondary!

jetranger: Is LSU WR Devery Henderson worthy of a second rounder?
TFYDraft: In most years, Henderson would be a late first round pick

jorysaywut: Do you think we're really set in our secondary, because we've spent so many high picks on it recently?
TFYDraft: I was not a big fan of many of the guys the Chargers chose

bolt38: TFY, what are your thoughts on Ole Miss OT Stacy Andrews?
TFYDraft: Andrews is a tremendous athlete, marginal football player

mketch: Who are some of the 3-4 ends that we should look out for?
TFYDraft: Ohio State DE Darrion Scott is a decent prospect and moving up boards. Oklahoma State DE Antonio Smith in the second day has possibilities and maybe Florida DE Bobby McCray if a team can get his butt into the weight room

jorysaywut: Do you think Southern Cal DE Kenechi Udeze is the top end in the draft? What is your opinion of him?
TFYDraft: I think he's a complete end that is a good pass rusher and will eventually become a good run defender. I am partial to Ohio State DE Will Smith, but Udeze is more complete

nyislelover: Is USC DE Kenechi Udeze hurt and slipping in the draft?
TFYDraft: We posted an article on our premium site last night. A very good source in Jacksonville told us the Jags have looked at his MRI and did not red-flag him

ringquester: Where will Oregon DT Igor Olshansky go?
TFYDraft: Probably the mid-to-late second. There are a clump of teams between picks 42-50 that need DT's. This is where Olshansky, Clemson DE Donnell Washington and Hawaii DT Isaac Sopoaga will go.

jetranger: Who are the most underrated prospects in the draft?
TFYDraft: Oklahoma LB Ted Lehman and Florida State LB Michael Boulware

ukcharger: Which probable undrafted players should we be looking out for and perhaps be attempting to sign?
TFYDraft: Miami WR Jason Geathers and Minnesota Morris TE Mike Walker.

timepiece33: Predict the Chargers first day picks?
TFYDraft: 1) NC State QB Philip Rivers, 2a) Ohio State WR Michael Jenkins, 2b) Alabama OG/OT Justin Smiley, and 3) Notre Dame DE Darrell Campbell. Smiley can play either guard spots and might be able to play LT.

DenisSavage: Thank you Tony! Thanks for all the great information you keep passing along to us to keep us in the loop!

TFYDraft: If anyone is in the Tempe area, I will be on KDUS in about two minutes. Good luck this weekend and come over to the site to see the top 300, value board, one more mock and a lot of notes through late tomorrow night!

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