Instant Respectability

Maurice Clarett is out of the draft. That means absolutely nothing to San Diego Chargers fans. The Chargers were not going to touch Clarett anyway. When you have a running back of LaDainian Tomlinson's caliber you don't need someone like Clarett. It means nothing to us. Or does it? If things progress favorably it could mean quite a lot.

It could mean that the NFL will hold a supplemental draft, which it does nearly every year (Remember how we picked up Jamal Williams?) It could mean that in that supplemental draft Mike Williams will be sitting there. The Chargers could have the first pick in that supplemental draft, depending on how the weighted lottery plays out. Of course, to take Williams the Chargers would lose next year's first round pick in the draft, but hopefully the team won't be as high up on the boards and it won't matter as much.

Mike Williams is not as good as Larry Fitzgerald. That is accepted as fact. But, regardless, he is still a potential top 15 pick and he could fall into the Chargers' lap as pretty as you please. Pennies from USC, as it were.

If, as I feel, they trade down and pick up additional choices and, possibly a player, they will still have a good young quarterback, either Rivers or Roethlisberger and can get a top-flight receiver as well, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Add Tomlinson, stir well, Voilà! Instant offense. A little help on the lines, a kicker and respectability is in sight.

If the Chargers stay put and take Manning the same scenario could take place but with a different cast of characters, that is if Manning signs and does not sit out. Either scenario is pretty good. Of course, there are a number of hurdles left for this sunny day event to occur. There are legal maneuvers by the bucketful and every other possibility under the sun, but just the potential for this to happen is enough to perk up many Charger fans' Cheerios.

There is a third scenario as well, however. If Mike Williams is available for the supplemental draft, the Chargers could take Gallery with the first pick, pick up a quarterback from the waiver wire, possibly Kurt Warner and his wife and go from there. Although this possibility I choose not to think on too deeply as it causes seizures. I think it would be a mistake to take Warner and his wife. Not that Warner's not a good quarterback, he's still good. I just think the Chargers would be better suited getting a quarterback for the future. Warner is only good until he gets his hand broken or his wife throws a tantrum and attempts to call the wrath of God down on AJ Smith and Marty Schottenheimer and anyone else that gets in Kurt's way.

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