Chargers Deal for Rivers

The San Diego Chargers traded Eli Manning to the New York Giants in exchange for Philip Rivers, a third round pick this year, a first rounder in 2005 and a fifth rounder in 2005.

Philip Rivers was the target of the San Diego Chargers all along. Rivers was finally acquired by the Bolts from the New York Giants in exchange for Eli Manning. The Chargers also acquired three draft picks, including a first rounder in 2005.

The holdup on the deal was the Chargers insistence that the Giants gave up their second rounder in 2004, but the Giants were unwilling to do that.

Instead the Giants finally sweetened their offer by giving up a first round draft pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Marty Schottenheimer had wanted Rivers all along and finally got the man he coached to success in the Senior Bowl.

The Chargers have gotten out from under the speculation regarding Eli Manning.

TFY Draft Preview spoke with Manning after he was selected telling us:

"Manning spoke with AJ Smith directly after being drafted and informed him that he had no plans to join the Chargers at any point. No visit was ever scheduled for him to go to San Diego. It was not a money issue rather a happiness issue. His father and brothers experiences factored into his decision to not go to San Diego. Manning wanted a trade anywhere. His camp never had any serious discussions with the Chargers regarding a contract."

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