Chargers Notebook: Curious George

The San Diego Chargers are not from under the curse just yet. A solid draft is in the books, but there are still plenty of holes left on the team. One company man seems to be on the verge of defecting while another choice that was overlooked in the draft gets an explanation.

Given the fact that Drew Brees did not act like the company man on Tuesday, look for Rivers to unseat him. No sense in waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Brees has begun to further alienate his dwindling fan base with comments he made on the mighty 1090 on Tuesday. He essentially took jabs at AJ Smith and the Chargers.

When compared to the humble Philip Rivers, Brees seems like a bad boy.

Kelly Butler, the 6-foot-7 right tackle from Purdue, was taken off the Chargers board immediately after he was arrested twice in one day a couple of weeks ago.

Auburn defensive end Reggie Torbor - who looks exactly like a young Jason Gildon - was at the top of the Chargers' second-day draft board. The Chargers, obviously, weren't the only interested team since Torbor was the first pick of the day. They took Shaun Phillips with the very next pick and came away more than happy. Phillips is likened to Roosevelt Colvin.

The worst move of the weekend was Cleveland's trade of a second-round pick to move up one spot for Kellen Winslow. Next was Buffalo's trade of two picks and next year's No. 1 for quarterback J.P. Losman, who has been dubbed a coach-killer because "he doesn't want those around him to do well." Losman transferred from UCLA because, by his own admission, he was too close to his family and friends.

In San Diego, the worst move was made by Giants – trading up for a whiny, pretty boy named Elisha and giving up a first round draft pick in 2005. Chargers fans would do this deal every time. Thanks New York!

Bills president Tom Donahoe was blasted by a Buffalo News columnist for showboating on draft day. Wrote Jerry Sullivan: "It's about time for all this brilliance to pay off, wouldn't you say?"

Donahoe told Buffalo reporters he attempted to trade up for Roethlisberger, but Donahoe couldn't have tried too hard. Jacksonville could've easily traded down four spots and landed an outstanding receiver. Houston drafted Dunta Robinson only four minutes into its 15-minute allotment.

Funny how slow all those top notch receivers look now that none are with San Diego.

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