The Nate Kaeding Diary

On Sunday, Nate Kaeding was flown out to San Diego where he met with the media, Charger officials, fans and anybody else that wanted to shake his hand. During his busy day, Mr. Automatic took a stroll outside to soak in the scenery and issue another installment into his exclusive diary like he was blasting home a 50-yarder.

What have you done since you got out to San Diego?

This is probably like an annual thing that they do. They bring out all of their first-day draft picks. We did a press conference today, and we're going to do a bunch tomorrow. Then, they're going to fly me back to Iowa. I've been meeting and greeting people. I met the president and the coach and everybody. We're just trying to get acquainted a little bit with everybody.

What have they said to you in terms of what they expect?

I think they expect me to be a contributor this year. I couldn't ask for a better situation.

Did you have a feeling that San Diego would be the team after it picked up the extra third-rounder in the Manning deal?

Yeah. That was a good sign. We were looking at that as the strongest possibility. This was kind of a possibility that K.C. would go with us at the 61st pick. When that one slipped by, we kind of knew that this was the way that it would go.

How do you feel that you'll fit in out there?

I think real well. I'm walking outside right now. There's hills everywhere and lush scenery. It's going to take a while to get acquainted just because I've never lived anywhere else but Iowa City. But I'm awful excited about the opportunity. It's going to be a special couple of months here. It's going to be new. It's going to be exciting. And it's going to be different.

What type of contract are we talking?

I don't really know. I haven't talked to my agent about the specifics just because things have been moving so fast here the last couple of days. We haven't really talked about it very much. But I'm sure that I'm not going to be complaining whatever it is.

When do you have to go back out there for camp?

May 6 is rookie camp and then we start offseason workouts on the 16th of May. I don't know the specifics about that, but I definitely want to get out there for an extended period of time and get to know the people and feel comfortable with my surroundings and go from there.

Have you talked to Tim Dwight yet?

I haven't talked to Tim. I hear that he's in (San Diego). Some of the veteran players will be at this luncheon tomorrow (Monday). I'm looking forward to seeing him like I'm looking forward to seeing all of my new teammates. It's a good situation. You want to get into a situation where you're respected by your teammates. I want to make a good first impression here.

Have you had to pinch yourself at all yet?

I'll tell you, my head is still spinning. It hasn't stopped.

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