James Terry, among three Chargers via Kansas State

Usually when you leave college for the NFL, most of your friends go elsewhere. They get scattered across the globe as they workout for teams across the country. It is odd when three players from a particular school meet up on the practice field as rookies trying to make the San Diego Chargers. James Terry, formerly of Kansas State, is on of those three. They had to be in cahoots, right?

Fullback Travis Wilson, cornerback Randy Jordan and wide receiver James Terry all chose San Diego – after the draft as undrafted free agents. All three come from Kansas State. And now all three are in San Diego.

Too much to be coincidence, isn't it?

"I was surprised," Terry said. "I figured that would be the best thing. That is a good thing that all of us are going there. We will feel more comfortable being there together."

So there was no late night huddle after the draft to decide where to go. Now that they are here, it could also mean that they will not get taped to the goalposts. Three guys could do some damage against the veterans.

Terry, laughing, agreed with that assessment.

So if it was just a coincidence, why did Terry choose to come to San Diego?

"Really I just looked at the depth chart," Terry said honestly. "There are things they have going for them with what happened last year."

As a 6-4 receiver, Terry saw what could be a golden opportunity. The Chargers don't have a lot of height from the current receiving corps and certainly don't have a bona fide number one within the group.

Terry sees the crack in the armor that is known as receiver and wants to slash his way into the dogfight. With just a couple of receivers securely fastened into a position with the team, there is a spot open for a difference maker.

Something that is no coincidence is the Bolts adding five wide receivers from the undrafted wire. It was successful a year ago when the team landed Kassim Osgood, another tall receiver. They are hoping the same holds true this year from the newly assembled group.

Terry is willing to do his part. He has that fresh attitude of a rookie. The smell of excitement permeates from the receiver. After a season that saw him surpass 1,000 yards and double all of his previous totals, there is reason for fans to be excited by this raw prospect.

He is in a learning stage right now. The puppy dog stage as a rookie going through offseason workouts with an NFL team for the first time.

"It is just like making the transition from little league to high school and high school to college," Terry relays. "You have to learn to be a follower before you can be a leader. You have to go in and pay attention to the older guys. They have been there before I have. You have to learn to follow before you can lead."

And with that attitude and a few friends from Kansas State close at hand, maybe, just maybe James Terry will avoid being taped to the goalpost.

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