Robb Butler Chargers Camp Diary

When we caught up with Robb Butler he was "chilaxing". Cooped up in a hotel until coaching sessions start again on Monday, Butler shared his thoughts on the week that was at the San Diego Chargers complex "coming from under a rock at Robert Morris." In an entertaining diary of events, Butler laughs through each story and talks about new secondary coach Brian Stewart, how involved other coaches are, the veterans helping out rookies, and the first week as a rookie in camp.

Robb Butler will join us periodically throughout the offseason to share his thoughts, dreams and vision in regards to the San Diego Chargers and his quest to make the squad.

On Secondary Coach Brian Stewart:

Coach Stewart has a gangster mentality. He has some sayings. He has quotes that he lives by. One of them is, ‘I would rather be judged by 12 than carried out by six.'

That means in a nutshell, I would rather you get a pass interference penalty and they move the sticks from a foul than they score a touchdown and add six. I would rather be judged by 12, is 12 jurors and six because there are six pall bearers. If you get beat for a touchdown you are dead in the water, he would rather you get the foul.

Coach Stewart, he is a funny dude. He is really meticulous, an attention to detail kind of guy. A guy who believes in us as a unit and believes and emphasizes that we should believe in one another and it will show up on film, in game and in practice. Individually we are great but as a team we can accomplish some great things. Working together will make us a lot better.

He is really down to earth. I think he is young! Early 30's maybe (actually he is 39). He is getting a little grey in his goatee. But nobody he can tell him he is grey in his goatee! He knows he is losing his hair on top of his head. He just keeps it bald most of the time. I think Coach Stew is mid-thirties.

On how involved other coaches are:

We are being evaluated as rookies constantly. It seems like, in a sense, that Coach Stew is being evaluated. He is new. At the beginning Coach Marty Schottenheimer was in our meetings often. Coach Wade Phillips is in our meeting often. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is understandable. Basically those two, the head man and the defensive coordinator sit in on the defensive meetings a lot – DB meetings a lot. Coach Schottenheimer is a defensive minded guy. Coach Phillips is one of the best D-coordinators in the business. He has the most experience out of all active D-coordinators right now.

We are just trying to take this team to their level. I think we have the talent. It is just getting that family, team, expect to win attitude. We have to learn how to win. And I think we can. I think we can do it.

On the veterans helping the rookies:

Actually I heard so many horror stories. Prepped. I have been fully prepped by guys who played in the league, my agents, so on and so forth about veterans and how not to trust veterans because you are coming in to take their job. Don't listen to what the veterans tell you to do, listen to your coach and know what you are supposed to do because they will tell you the wrong thing. They will make life hell for you.

I have a different take on it now. We have some great veterans. Kwamie Lassiter and Jerry Wilson are both in their tenth season and Kwamie is like, ‘whatever you want to know, I will tell you about everything. I will talk to you about life. I will talk to you about plays. I will talk to you about how to spend your money.' These guys are just unbelievable. They will sit down with you and his whole thing is, if you can get better, if you can make this team better – it is all about winning with these vets. They got money. Ten years in the league, I am trying to get to the playoffs and get to the big dance.

So as a rookie we're known as potential. Fresh legs. ‘If we can do anything to make you better mentally and tell you everything that we know to be true, than it will make us as a team, we will win more.' We have one common goal and of course that is the Super Bowl. We shouldn't settle for anything less.

They impressed me, they really did.

We are a very young unit. Those two guys are the granddaddies and they are pretty good leaders. I am going to learn a lot from them.

On the first week:

The coaches are constantly evaluating. On the field you know when you make a mistake. On film it looks even worse. Coach Phillips, fortunately he is taking it really, really slow. He is not going to keep throwing things at us if we didn't grasp the first thing. Go through this coverage, get that down. Wait until we get it and it is stored in our long term memory before we move on to the next thing instead of throwing the book at us and having us all confused. He is taking it nice and slow and it is really easy to make the adjustments mentally.

Everyday, I am my biggest critic. Whatever coaches say to me or are yelling at me does not affect the way I play. I am harder on myself than anyone else. Watching the film, if I make a mistake, or I don't get to my proper landmark or something of that nature, I beat myself up. I have always been that way. You have to be a perfectionist out there.

Daily, if the guys are smart, they will look at their mistakes as well as the older guys mistakes and not do them again.

That's it!

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