What does DQ stand for?

If you're talking about the San Diego Chargers defender Dequincy Scott, it stands for Desire and a Quest to sack the quarterback. Even though he played in a limited amount of snaps last season, DQ still managed to lead the team with 6.5 sacks. That was good enough to place him 10th in the entire AFC. Not bad for a 3rd year undrafted free agent out of Southern Mississippi. It's no wonder that Coach Wade Phillips plans to get him more involved with the defense this coming season.

Does that mean he will be playing in an expanded role or a different position? Let's find out the answer to that and many more questions as we caught up with him recently.

. First off how has DeQuincy Scott spent the off season?

"Well besides getting married, I've spent most of it in San Diego training 4 days a week with coach Redding."

Congratulations DQ! Where did you spend your honeymoon?

"We decided to postpone it until later on because I've been focused on working out with my teammates and waiting for my contract to be re-negotiated. As of right now, I would love to remain here in SD, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. I feel like we've had the best off season turnout since I've been here and I would be disappointed to not see our hard work come to fruition. In the end, I have faith that something will get done."

Has the coaching staff approached you about playing a different position this coming season?

"No they really haven't made that suggestion to me at this point. But if they did, I would be open to it. I'll do anything to help this team start winning."

Is this team better than last year?

"We have to be. There really is no other option for us and we are all putting in the extra work to change the course of this franchise."

Did you follow the draft closely and who would have been your number 1 pick if you were the GM (no trades)?

"I'm really not one of those guys that follow the draft, I just never have. I leave that part of the AJ, Marty, and the rest of the staff. I guess if I had to make a selection at number 1, I probably would have taken that LT from Iowa."

You mean Robert Gallery?

"Yeah that's him. He's a big man and he's already polished. But looking back at what AJ and staff was able to accomplish I have no complaints whatsoever."

Who do you think will step up from last year's draft?

"Oh I think each and every man will be able to contribute in 2004. Especially guys like Sammy, Drayton, and Terrence Kiel. They're all young, aggressive guys with another year of experience to rely on and I think that will help them and help this team."

Tell us what CD your listening to these days?

"Lately I've been listening to Carl Thomas. He's kind of a combination of R&B, soul, and gospel."

What was the last movie that you've been to?

"Oh man Passion of the Christ was just an amazing movie! It really moves you in a positive way."

What are some of your goals and predictions for this coming season? Do you have a sack total that you would like to reach?

"Sacks?! I would rather have the W's! We need to win and that's the bottom line. It does not matter what we accomplish as individuals, it matters what we accomplish as a team. I feel confident that we are doing what it takes to get there. The attitude is different and I can see that on the face of every person in this organization.

For those of you who were wondering what type of person Dequincy Scott is, now you know. He is a man who does not drink, does not smoke, and does not swear (at least not around me). He is a man devoted to his new wife, his religion, and to his team mates. As a fan just like the rest of you, we could not ask for a better person to represent this city and our San Diego Chargers.

Kenny Williams can be reached at Kenny@sandiegosports.net

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