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Malcom Floyd sets sights on becoming a Charger

It seems the pranks are already coming for Malcom Floyd. In the middle of an interview with the 6-4 wideout signed by the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent, all the car alarms in the parking lot starting to go off, prompting Floyd to ask if someone was playing tricks on him. Unlike in the past, the San Diego native welcomes the challenges. <br><br>Miss an interview? Check <a href="">The Interview Room</a>

Malcom Floyd has been considered a bit of an enigma. Supremely talented, but untapped potential marred a collegiate career.

The California native had a tough time originally selecting a college. He was late with his decision and that made several colleges drop out of the running for the 6-5 wideout. When he finally was ready to choose, Wyoming was one of the select few left.

"Wyoming stuck with me till the end," Floyd said. "I made my decision too late and by that time schools gave up on me and Wyoming was one of the last schools to keep up on me."

In college, Floyd has his ups and downs. As a freshman Floyd corralled 43 passes while starting seven games. He upped that total to 44 the following season before dropping to just 27 as a junior.

Many would look at those totals and think it must have been an injury that derailed Floyd but it was something else entirely.

"There were two seniors in front of me," Floyd explained. "No one was really in charge of the rotation so I was probably looking out for their future more than mine and allowed them to get more reps."

Now that Floyd is on the cusp of the NFL, there will be no giving up reps to anyone else. He is in camp with the San Diego Chargers and each day he is being graded. Each day there is pressure to perform.

"Reps are gold right now," Floyd admits. "The mentality is different. I learn something new everyday. Learn something new on techniques and route running everyday."

And that is the biggest difference between Floyd of this year and Floyd of the past. Although he had 63 catches as a senior, he was doing it in an offense that catered to the receiver, a pass-happy offense. He certainly earned the totals, but could have really separated himself from the pack.

Something was holding him back. It may have been what has been perceived as a laid back attitude. His demeanor never changes as Floyd is known to maintain an even keel no matter what the situation. Sure he does not like losing at all, but showing the emotion was a different thing entirely.

He always had his head on straight but took his talents for granted.

The scouting reports all read the same. "Floyd seems content with just getting by on natural abilities rather than becoming a top-flight football player."

And Floyd knows it.

"When I came here I saw a lot of things that I need to work on," Floyd said of his game. "I saw how much I was just living off my natural ability. Then when I got here I saw how much I needed to learn."

And he chose the San Diego Chargers as the avenue to excel. Besides the obvious attraction to California, there is opportunity to seize a roster spot in San Diego.

"I am back in California," Floyd began. "I thought it would be nice to come back to San Diego and play. Plus this is one opportunity to play at the next level."

One opportunity. A big opportunity. The clicking you here is the pieces of the puzzle being fit together.

Floyd, once an enigma, is becoming the player many envisioned he would be when he entered college. It took a little light to get the fire started but making an NFL roster will surely inspire Floyd even further. First he is looking to take this chance and make it his own and then he will worry about progressing up the depth chart.

There would be no sweeter taste than getting hazed by the veterans at the end of camp. They can do anything they want to the soft spoken rookie. It may mean he has made it into the inner circle.

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