Chargers Minicamp Day One Notes

After a high-spirited morning session, the San Diego Chargers had a more laid back approach to the afternoon. The sun was in full swing and Tim Dwight needed his sun block. The helmets, however, still stayed on and there was plenty to talk about.

Each year several things always stand out from camp that have no bearing on the football field, unless they simply happen to be superstitions:

Highest Socks:

Travis Wilson and Kassim Osgood tied for highest socks. Had they been lined up next to each other, Osgood would have won based on his height.


With hair that is puffier than a Chia Pet, Courtney Van Buren wore his in a topknot. How he then fit it under his helmet is a mystery.

Other moments in practice make you wonder and cringe, often at the same time:

You aren't the quarterback:

Mike Scifres and David Binn spent some of the afternoon playing catch and staying active. While Binn was working on his punting skills and not being very effective, Scifres threw a pass that went at least 65 yards in the air and had a tight spiral.

Meanwhile, Bill LaFleur shouldn't quit his day job. In his sole attempt at long snapping, he sailed one way over the head of the holder. It was the first and last time he attempted that.

Out of position:

Isaiah Ross suited up and played at center on Friday with the absence of Jason Ball. Ross, however, is built like an ox and has legs just as thick. Taking the snap from him was no easy task and Ross was slow to get up out of his stance and pull either way.

Lineup notes:

The punt returning unit consisted of Eric Parker, Tim Dwight, Luke Powell, Wes Welker, Leon Johnson, and Kevin Dyson.

The starting offensive line was Roman Oben at left tackle with Leander Jordan backing him up, Mike Goff and Kris Dielman manning the guard positions, Nick Hardwick at center and Van Buren at right tackle. Dielman also slid out and played right tackle with the second team and it is possible that Phil Bogle was in at guard as well, but this reporter missed it. Chad Ward was at right guard and Shane Olivea was at left guard. David Brandt was at center with the aforementioned Ross. Carlos Joseph and Jason Lenzmeier provided depth at tackle.

Other tidbits:

Tim Dwight and Eric Parker were the visible leaders of the wide receiving group. Any route that was introduced was run by these two first with offensive coordinator Cam Cameron telling "everyone watch Tim" and after the route exclaiming that is the way it should be done.

Parker was first chair, getting the first opportunity every time out.

Reche Caldwell worked alone with a coach to start the morning practice and was often the only wideout working a specific drill. When team drills were in full swing he was off doing solo work wherever he could get more reps.

Cleo Lemon, Ruvell Martin, Kassim Osgood and Malcom Floyd were the last players to leave the field. They each stayed after to take extra work, spending a good half hour on the field after the PM practice.

In each session they ran punt return drills but did not do any kickoffs or placekicking. Nate Kaeding said they would do some field goal drills on Saturday.

As usual, the drills were spread across the fields of play so some material was sure to be lost. For those heading to camp, they like to have more drills on the field closest to the building, as they cannot be sure if anyone is scouting them from some other team and are wisely protective. There will be plenty of action regardless of where you sit.

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