Kassim Osgood Says Camp Was a Brees

After completing the 2004 mini camp, wide receiver Kassim Osgood is excited for the upcoming season and has liked what he has seen from the San Diego Chargers squad being assembled. <br><br> "I'm looking forward to Drew Brees tearing it up," the second year receiver said.

Osgood says Drew Brees took a lot of heat last season during the 4-12 campaign, but came to this camp and looks really good. And the two developed a late season rapport that has seemingly carried over to camp this year.

Now in his second year, Kassim Osgood has some experience with regards to minicamp. In his first season, Osgood was concerned with simply making the team and never had a chance to stop and smell the roses.

"I'm not sure if it's because it's my second year or not but this camp seemed to go smoother this year than last," the former San Diego State star said.

That in no way makes Osgood complacent. Noting that the little things count, it was one play that really stands out from the recent minicamp:

Osgood was lined up out wide on the left side of the line when a running play going right was called. Osgood hustled from his flanker spot all the way across the field to set up a block downfield in case the run went for a long gain, not uncommon when LaDainian Tomlinson has the ball. Plays like that are usually reserved for rookies in minicamp but Osgood is in midseason form, never taking a play off.

The offensive line has been viewed as a weaker part of the team but you wouldn't know it from camp, according to Osgood.

"They didn't get yelled at a lot", says Osgood referring to the offensive line. He added that you can usually tell how they are doing by how much they are getting yelled at.

Although the whole offensive line seemed to do well it was newcomer Leander Jordan that caught Osgood's eye during minicamp and earned praise from the receiver for his play at left tackle.

Osgood also has a couple observations about rookie quarterback Philip Rivers, "he's a smart quarterback, and a good leader."

Count Osgood among the staunch supporters for special teams standout Eric Parker returning kicks.

As far as his personal success goes, Osgood has focused on his route definition in the off-season.

The wideout says, "I want to diversify my knowledge."

Along those lines, Osgood spent a significant part of the offseason working with Receivers Coach James Lofton on his route running and conditioning. That is when he wasn't earning his degree from SDSU in Sociology.

Although the season hasn't started yet, it seems Kassim Osgood likes what he's seen so far.

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