Chargers Camp Diary: Nate Kaeding

<b>Nate Kaeding is a rookie kicker for the San Diego Chargers. How is the San Diego life treating the rookie?</b><br><br> "Excellent! My girlfriend just came out and said, ‘it is cold out here. Colder than I thought and I am in California.' But I love it. It is just started to get hot and humid over in Iowa so this is perfect."

In Iowa it had to be windy, but how have you handled the San Diego wind?

"For me it has been a lot steadier for the most part. When you go back to Iowa you are going to have days gusting up to 20-25 and there will be days where it is perfectly calm. The big difference is dealing with the 5-10 mile per hour wind everyday.

"It just so happens on the practice fields every time we are going to do field goals it is into the wind which I personally like. In practice is the time you want to work against that so you are ready for that in a game situation."

Were you nervous coming in as a rookie to San Diego Chargers camp and minicamp?

"Yeah, a little bit. It is good to be down here now for almost a good month. I get to know a lot of the guys and getting acquainted. It really is not much different, it is just a practice."

"I just need to be put in pressure situations, just like I have been. I was talking to somebody today and it has been different for me since I have been going all the way through since last August. The Senior Bowl which is pressure, then the combine, whereas the regular offseason you just kind of let your hair down for a little bit and rejuvenate and now it has been, boom, boom, boom, which is going to be real trying four or five months here but I am excited about it. How couldn't you be, it is a great opportunity."

Talk a little bit about David Binn and Mike Scifres. And has Bill LaFleur held on field goal kicks for you?

"Lafleur just came in today so he might be doing some things.

"Mike is doing a great job. Dave is great. He has been in the league 10, 11 years. They have been great showing me around a little bit and just being there if I have any questions I can run them by him. They all have been receptive and they have accepted me pretty well."

Are you particular about how you want the ball to be held?

"A little bit. Just as long as it is consistent is the biggest thing. And Mike has done a great job too. That is something you can really get comfortable with is a great snapper and holder like I think I am coming into with David and Mike."

You go from the Chargers Murphy Canyon complex to training camp up in Carson, when will you be able to kick in Qualcomm Stadium to get a feel for how that will play? It is your home stadium after all.

"We are trying to set it up and get me out there. I think a week before we head up to Carson for camp get in Qualcomm once or twice to see what it is like. And just to get used to that steady wind and it is adjustments but you are still kicking the ball and still kicking it between the uprights. It is all the same."

Nate Kaeding will join periodically throughout camp to detail his progression through training camp as he prepares for his rookie season with the San Diego Chargers.

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