Chargers Player Interview: Andrew Pinnock

<i>Talk a little about the offseason and how you spent the time directly after the San Diego Chargers ended the 2003 season:</I><br><br> <b>Andrew Pinnock:</b> I am enjoying it. When the season was over I went home for the month of January. First I went to South Carolina and then I went home (to Connecticut) for a few weeks and came back.

One of my main goals coming back was to get more familiar with the area, more comfortable with the city. I have this belief that I am working here so in the offseason I need to be here as far as doing community service and working out.

Since you mentioned community service and now is the time of year to get in as much as possible before training camp starts, tell us a little about what interests you and who you like helping out:

Andrew Pinnock: I try to go to anything with kids. I may pop up at a boys and girls club and talk to kids. I did a reading for an elementary school. Just trying to get noticeable and do little things around the community.

At the end of last year you got a chance to speak with the coaching staff. What did they tell you regarding your play or your role in the offense?

Andrew Pinnock: I spoke to Marty. My meeting with Marty went really well. They are expecting some big things out of me next year. The main thing was they want me to drop my weight and get back down to a solid 250. 245 is good, but to be between 245-250. I played about 258-260. To drop the weight and be ready because I may have to play some running back. I may have to play some running back.

It was noticeable at training camp that you seemed fresher than last year. Not to bring up an old memory, but you were winded during gasers. How have you met those goals that they assigned to you?

Andrew Pinnock: Eating a little bit better. Start cooking a little more for myself and not going out to eat everyday. It was a real challenge because my body fat is so low and there is really nowhere for the weight to come off. I had to work extra hard. I can't begin to tell you how hard.

I told (my personal trainer) what I wanted to accomplish and it is getting there. They took my body fat the other day and it is only 10%.

Since you came in, fans have been waiting to see the day where you line up behind Lorenzo Neal on third and two and pound the ball through the middle of the line like a bulldozer. Have they talked to you about short yardage situations and what your role would be come the season?

Andrew Pinnock: I have done a lot of it in the preseason and during camp. Last year was just a big learning year for me. It's been talked about, but right now I am just doing what they tell me to do.

We have the best runner in the league, no doubt. I am a fullback but I will always consider myself a runner. I have been a runner all my life, high school, college, I have always been around, although I always had the fullback name, I will always consider myself a runner. I feel that my running ability will help me at that position as far as catching the ball out of the backfield and making plays after the catch. I am just doing what they tell me to do.

Talk about your play on special teams a year ago. Has that helped any other facet of your game or is it just a way to keep your mind fresh and in the game?

Andrew Pinnock: Special teams is big. I never played on that many special teams before. Now I play it on kickoff returns and it helped me. I learned a lot and especially used kickoff returns to my advantage. Fullback needs to learn how to block. I noticed at the beginning of the season when I would do kickoff returns I was kind of breaking down to much when I tried to do my blocks. Guys may go around me where when I figured it out and taking the proper angle where they don't really have enough to make a move, if they do they will take themselves out of the play, and going and attacking. I enjoyed playing kickoff coverage.

And finally, what are your goals for 2004?

Andrew Pinnock: My goals for 2004 are to come in and play a big role in the offense. I believe I can really help this team. I am confident in what I do and I am just looking forward to playing a big role and helping this team win.

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