Chargers courting Vaughn Parker?

Vaughn Parker has been with the San Diego Chargers for so long he brings back memories of Courtney Hall and the 1994 Super Bowl team. After the season, the team cut ties with the offensive tackle and he has been toiling in obscurity since. The Bolts still don't have the depth they want at the position which begs the question if they are looking in Parker's direction. His agent, Lee Kolligan, gave us the skinny...

It was against Baltimore in September of 2003 that Vaughn Parker was carted off the field with a knee injury. Parker, 32, tore the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his knee early in the fourth quarter and had surgery days later. Parker was placed on injured reserve but remained around the team to tutor the young line that was fielded.

He had essentially shown his loyalty to the team and being let go to take a pay cut had affected him in a profound way. He was not interested in the money, but rather wanted to know if it would be worth his time. The ten year veteran was recovering from a surgery that was to take close to six months to recover from.

Now the big question. Is Parker returning to the Chargers? That's a question that has been a hot topic on many forums lately and around the league. caught up with Vaughn's agent, Lee Kolligian, and this is what he had to say…

"We have had extensive conversations with the Chargers recently about coming back to the team," Kolligan said. "It's something that Vaughn had wanted to do and it's something that the Chargers wanted. When he came close to signing the contract, Vaughn did not feel confident enough about the condition of his knee. So, rather than taking the money and running he decided it was best to continue to rehab the knee to the point he would be able to accept a contract in good conscious."

Wow! Now there is something that you just don't hear about in today's world no matter what sport or what industry you're talking about. If Charger fans had wanted Vaughn to return before, now they will be absolutely consumed with the thought of him coming back. This line is young, lacking experience, depth, and leadership. Vaughn Parker would provide just that.

Lee went on to say, "Just last week we ran into the same scenario with the Patriots. They inquired about his services and once again Vaughn respectfully declined until he can further rehabilitate his knee. We are confident that at some point this season Vaughn will be playing somewhere in the NFL. Whether or not that will be with the Chargers is hard to say as they continue to look to add a quality veteran at the tackle position."

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