Coach Joe Glenn on Chargers undrafted Malcom Floyd

One of the hottest undrafted free agents with the San Diego Chargers is Malcom Floyd, a receiver out of the University of Wyoming. Floyd first caught the attention of fans at Mini-camp and shortly thereafter his name was brought up by Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer and rookie quarterback Philip Rivers. He is making an impression.

But who is the man behind the mystery. The man who perhaps knows him best, Head Coach Joe Glenn of the University of Wyoming, gives us some insight into the upstart receiver that is looking to make the team.

Here is a transcript of an interview done with Coach Glenn. There was no need for interruption or unnecessary words as Coach Glenn told a story with his quotes and they stand alone, speaking for themselves:

He was the fastest guy on our team and top receivers in the history of our school. The guy can flat out run. During his career here, just this year he had 63 catches and put that together with another 123.

For a tall fella, his vertical jump is off the charts, somewhere around 40 inches. There are not a lot of guys going around that look like Malcom.

One of the things I liked about him is he could get off a bump. One of the hardest things for a receiver making the transition from high school to college and then college to pro is the ability to have the foot speed and the hands and the strength – when you have a great corner who locks you up – you have to be able to beat the bump. And he proved he was able to do that.

He made big, big plays for us. He caught the winning TD pass against Colorado State and the teams that had the better corners, he made plays for us. He showed he could play high at this level.

This is probably the reason Malcom wasn't drafted. He is so laid back. He is a very, very low key individual, but don't mistake that he is not a competitor. He is just a mellow, laid back guy. Very soft-spoken. He is one of the finest people you will ever meet. He is a terrific person.

He and I have joked about it before. But he might be the only Samoan receiver. He is part Samoan. Most of the Samoans are built like ice boxes. Malcom is totally the opposite, tall and lean.

We are a spread offense here. Obviously the thing you like is his ability to jump we liked throwing him the go route.

I have talked to a lot of my friends that are coaching in the NFL and I have told them all if they are still giving that trip to Hawaii for the scout that finds the biggest surprise of the year, you all better be going after Malcom Floyd.

Somebody made a mistake not taking him to the combines. Somebody made a mistake not seeing what they are all looking for. The guy can catch, he has speed, he can jump, he is a good person and I think maybe they mistook his laid back personality for – I cant tell you…

I really think Malcom is going to play at the next level. He is an excellent football player. He can block. He can do the things that you need to. I will show you a tape of him cracking back on people and turning their lights out.

He is going to make somebody's roster. I know how hard it is to make a pro football team. I have coached thirty years and I don't say this about many guys – Malcom is going to make somebody's team.

I think I know a football player. I think I know what kind of player it takes to make it in the NFL and I think Malcom is a kid that will make a team.

A lot of times you have to be in the right place at the right time. Maybe because we are off the beaten path here at Wyoming, he didn't get more traffic.

He is my pick to click.

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