Supplemental Draft scouting reports

Tuesday is the day for the NFL's second draft of the year. Names like Rob Moore, Bernie Kosar and Steve Walsh have come out of this process. Last year it was Tony Hollings. Here are the scouting reports on players eligble for Tuesday's event.


Positives: Quick in reverse displaying a solid back pedal and smooth turning his hips, losing nothing transitioning to run with opponents. Moves well laterally and displays a burst of closing speed. Does a solid job reading or diagnosing the action.

Negatives: Not physical, aggressive nor willing to mix it up. Easily taken out of the quick action by blocks and would rather hit the ball carrier than wrap-up and tackle. Does not always offer solid help in deep centerfield. Dismissed from the team after violating the schools' honor code.

Analysis: Allen is an undersized safety that may be better off at cornerback. That said, he displays only average cover skills and his lack of physical play will be a turn-off to most coaches. Best possibility would be as a dime back who becomes a special teams ace.


Reynaldo Brathwaite/RB/BYU/5-9.5/170/4.45

Positives: Patient scat-back with terrific quickness and a burst of speed. Sees the field, sets up blocks then follows them at the line or down the field. Elusive, slides off tackles and displays outstanding footwork with the ability to immediately bounce it around the corner, avoiding defenders. Quickly cuts back on a dime losing no momentum and has a burst of speed. Can switch gears and run to daylight in the open field. Works to scoot through the small openings in the defense and gives effort carrying the ball between the tackles.

Negatives: Undersized, not strong or a ball carrier that picks up much yardage off initial contact. Not a natural receiver out of the backfield and does a lot of double catching. Lined up in the slot but not part of the passing game even though he played in a throwing offense.

Analysis: Dismissed from BYU after violating the schools' honor code. Braithwaite did an outstanding job stepping into the starting role last season after Marcus Whalen went down with an injury early in the year. He is an elusive change of pace runner with the skills to be put into the lineup on third down. The ability to catch the ball out of the backfield as well as return punts will be the determining factor as to whether or not he makes a final roster in September.

Ike Emodi/OLB/East Carolina/6-3/240/4.73

Positives: Athletic defender who makes plays in every direction of the field. Breaks down well, plays with leverage and holds his ground against blocks. Scrapes well laterally, makes plays up and down the line of scrimmage and easily redirects to oncoming ball carriers. Fluid changing direction, rarely off his feet and displays a burst of speed. Adequate pass-rusher off the edge.

Negatives: Slow shedding blocks and easily wired at the point by opposing linemen. Not quick, explosive and has more built up speed than suddenness. Slow to diagnose the action or locate the ball. Rarely used off the line of scrimmage in space as he lined-up in a three point stance the previous two seasons.  Academically ineligible as a true freshman in 2001 and just broke into the starting line-up last season.

Analysis: From an athletic standpoint, Emodi stacks up well for the next level and offers some upside. Mentally it is a different story as his college career has been spent chasing quarterbacks from the defensive end position rather than diagnosing the action in space. Was set to make the transition to outside linebacker as a senior but subsequently declared academically ineligible. Unlikely to be drafted yet his physical skills warrant serious consideration for a spot on a team's practice squad.


Central Florida/6-2/250/4.85

Positives: Breaks down well, displays solid hand technique getting off blocks and rarely off his feet. Disciplined, quick to key or diagnose the action and scrapes well laterally between the hashes. Takes good angles to the play and strong at the point of attack. Called the defensive signals and stays with assignments.

Negatives: Best moving up the field and not quick to the flanks. Lacks sustained speed.  Stiff, does not play with balance and only marginal skills in pass defense.

Analysis: Ruled academically ineligible last summer, Mascoe sat out the 2003 season after being rated as a solid middle linebacker prospect following his sophomore campaign. Solid against the run, he is a prototypical two-down defender that may be best on the inside for a 34 defense. Will have a tough time making it at the next level.


Mataio Toilolo/G/Montana State/6-4/284/5.03

Positives: Sets with a wide base and quickly gets off the snap into defenders. Works to stay square, fights with his hands throughout the action and anchors in pass protection. Attacks assignments, displays good jolt at the initial point of attack and blocks with a nasty attitude. Works hard throughout the action and assists his linemates. Some ability to anchor in pass protection.

Negatives: Gets tall as the play proceeds and does not have a dominant base. Rarely gets movement from run blocks, has difficulty turning opponents off the line or finishing blocks altogether.  Could not get his grades in order this summer to gain another season of eligibility.

Analysis: A solid looking athlete that displays skills in space, Toilolo is a lineman that possesses some upside for the next level. Must improve his overall body strength and focus on the task at hand but at the very least a possible player for the practice squad with developmental potential.

Seante Williams/DE/Jacksonville State/6-5/260/4.70

Positives: Quick off the snap with a nice first step, plays low with leverage and effectively uses hand technique to stay off blocks. Displays a good inside move and the ability to exploit big lumbering blockers.  Creates havoc up the field when he gives effort. Fluid changing direction and adequate speed laterally when making plays to the flanks. Looks the very athletic at times and has the ability to overwhelm opponents.

Negatives: Tall, thin and not strong at the point of attack. Easily handled by a single blocker and rarely beats opponents in one-on-one.  Continually takes wide angles around linemen. Not quick in his head and gets caught up the field, over-running plays. Physically a bit stiff and underachieves. Does not play with great suddenness or urgency. Ruled academically ineligible this fall.

Analysis: A former outside linebacker that transferred from Southern Mississippi, Williams is a solid athlete who looks better than he plays. Lacking top football instincts, as well as work ethic, he is known as someone that does not give top effort for 60-minutes. Possessing the natural tools to work with, (as was proven by a recent work out when he ran a 4.70 at 265 pounds), Williams only occasionally make plays on the field and must quickly pull all the pieces together to have any chance of making it past the 60-man roster this summer.

Larry Graham/RB/Virginia Union: Did not play in '03

Chris Chatman/WR-TE-HB/Midwestern State: Did not play in '03

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