Chargers add Quarterback

The afternoon practice opened with a new player taking part in drills. Wearing number 15, he had no name on his back but it was clear he would be chucking passes. Minutes later he was taking part in drills, clearly a member of the San Diego Chargers.

Former Ohio State quarterback Joe Germaine joined the Chargers for their afternoon practice, a new signee.

With the Chargers unable to come to terms with Philip Rivers, the team's first round draft pick, and the morning surgery to Doug Flutie, the team needed a third quarterback to take reps and allow the flow of training camp to continue.

The Bolts had been down to two healthy quarterbacks on the roster, Drew Brees and Cleo Lemon. That is until they brought Germaine in.

Germaine was a one year starter for the Ohio State Buckeyes, throwing for 25 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He was selected in the fourth round of the 1999 draft by the St. Louis Rams.

Germaine started only 13 games in his OSU career, but left the school having set or tied eight passing records.

At that time, scouts were uncertain whether Germaine was a product of the Ohio State system or a budding quarterback.

Germaine saw action as rookie, going 9-for-16 for 133 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions and earned a Super Bowl ring with the team that year. He moved on to have stints with Kansas City in 2001 and Cincinnati in 2002. He then signed on to play quarterback for the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.

Now with turmoil amid the quarterbacking situation in San Diego, the former MLB draftee of the Colorado Rockies, Germaine has a chance to show his mettle in training camp. Although it does not appear likely that he will stick around, some other team may have an eye on him when he is sent packing. Germaine will also get reps in preseason when the Chargers figure to only use Drew Brees in a limited role.

Germaine, in the two minute situational drill and his first real action of the day, came in and threw a touchdown pass to Micah Ross, a fade route, over Kevin House. Germaine went 3-for-3 coming out of the gate and then a touch pass went off the fingertips of Luke Powell, which would have been a touchdown. Funny thing is they did not even have a red jersey for him.

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