Chargers Training camp: Thursday Afternoon

Where other quarterbacks failed, namely Drew Brees and Cleo Lemon, the new quarterback over center, Joe Germaine, led his team of second and third stringers to a touchdown in his first live action – the two minute situational drill – its first appearance since the San Diego Chargers opened their training camp.

Joe Germaine performed as though he has been throwing the ball all offseason. He fit right into his band of misfits and made calculating passes that were dead on.

But before he got the rock, the other two quarterbacks had their chance to shine.

Drew Brees opened the two minute drill with his first team offense against the third team defense. And it showed early. Brees connected with Eric Parker on an out patter to open the drill. He then dunked one off to LaDainian Tomlinson over the middle of the field. After a short pass to Kevin Dyson in the flat, Brees connected deep. He hit a streaking Tim Dwight 20 yards down the field.

The big play had Brees thinking "quick strike". He went for the end zone, throwing up a beautiful rock but Dwight got a late beat on it and it fell incomplete. As Brees called out the play from his shotgun formation, Nick Hardwick sailed a ball wide right of Brees that had the fourth year quarterback scrambling to scoop it up. He corralled it and turned to see Tomlinson break away from the line and connected, turning a potential disaster into a five yard gain.

Deciding not to tempt fate, Brees went for the end zone again. Brees was going for Dyson but he was in double coverage with defenders to either side of him in the end zone. Fletcher in the front easily picked off the pass and ended the first team's rendition of the two minute offense.

Cleo Lemon was the next to take the reigns against the first team defense, leading 2nd team. Leander Jordan, Kris Dielman, David Brandt, Shane Olivea, and Phil Bogle made up the line while Grant Mattos and Reche Caldwell lined up with wide with Kassim Osgood seeing time in three receiver sets. The tight end was Justin Peelle.

DeQuincy Scott was the only addition to the first team defense, lining up next to Otis Leverette and Jamal Williams. With the two minute offense taking the field, the defense lined up in its dime package with six defensive backs and two linebackers. Drayton Florence, Terrence Kiel Jerry Wilson, Kwamie Lassiter, Quentin Jammer, and Sammy Davis made up the secondary. Steve Foley and Zeke Moreno were the only two linebackers on the field.

Lemon connected on his first pass, a bullet over the middle for 25 yards to Mattos. His next pass was met by a wall of defenders and a blitzing Moreno got a hand up to bat it down. Lemon went back to Mattos on the sidelines for what would have been a 15 yard gain but Mattos could not stay in bounds.

Jesse Chatman got the call in the flat and scampered for eight yards. Another quick out to Mattos in front of Davis gave them good position but time was running low. With a last ditch effort, Lemon held the ball as long as he could but the downfield defense proved to be too much. He escaped a rush and still finding nothing he threw it out of bounds. It brought an end to his two minutes as time ran out.

Coming up last in the lineup, but first in results, Germaine settled under center. He hit his first pass in the drill to Micah Ross before connecting with Wes Welker on an out pattern. His third straight completion went over the middle to Powell for just a few yards.

His first incompletion was a touch pass on a deep route to Luke Powell. Powell tried to corral it but it went off his fingertips. Had he made the haul it would have been a quick touchdown from the newcomer. Germaine worked in another pass to Ross, this one going 15 yards. After getting sacked by Shaun Phillips, Germaine showed poise by connecting with Ross on a 15 yard pass, suddenly the man who could not be covered. An incompletion netted a pass interference when Germaine went to Ross again and the call went against Kevin House. With new life, Germaine went to the well again and tossed up a beautiful fade into the waiting arms of, who else, Ross over cornerback Kevin House.

Lightning Quicks:

In seven-on-sevens, wide receivers struggled to get open and quarterbacks struggled to get completions. It was an ugly sight and one not worth even reviewing.

Punt returns ended the day. Dyson, Dwight and Parker, the three most fragile receivers, took turns on return duties. It seemed to be a signal that Leon Johnson would again make the team.

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