Chargers training camp: Tuesday's notebook

On Tuesday, the San Diego Chargers did their best to cram two practices worth of action into one. The team was in pads, defensive backs sported the boxing gloves for the second day in a row, and there was even a wrestling match between safety Jerry Wilson and running back Doug Chapman.

After a consistent Mike Scifres punting session, wide receivers and cornerbacks squared off in one-on-ones.

Sammy Davis went first and was able to keep Eric Parker from snagging a reception, but it was no foreshadow, as the receivers had the edge throughout practice.

Kevin Dyson and Quentin Jammer went next with Dyson making a nice catch. Dyson is returning from a groin injury that held him out of practice late last week.

"As long as I am healthy, I feel I'm capable of doing the things I know I am able to do," Dyson said. "I feel confident going into the season."

Reche Caldwell beat Kevin House on a short pass.

Jerrell Pippens had nice coverage on Ruvell Martin, as the pass fell incomplete.

Micah Ross, who been having a good camp of late, hauled in a great catch with rookie Jonathan Cox defending on the play.

Kassim Osgood caught the next one over Jamar Fletcher.

Grant Mattos, who is making a push for a roster spot, caught a Drew Brees pass with Sammy Davis in tow. Davis had good coverage on the play, but Brees threw it perfectly to the streaking Mattos.

Drayton Florence finally got a victory for the defense, smothering Wes Welker on the incompletion.

The offense won five of the next six, with four being completions, a pass interference call against Jammer defending on Parker and a drop by Ruvell Martin.

Terence Kiel put an end to the offensive onslaught by batting a short pass away from Micah Ross. But that would be the apogee for the defense in one-on-ones.

Cleo Lemon threw a great pass to a streaking Mattos for a touchdown. Drayton Florence had the coverage. The next play, the offense ran the same route. This time it was Martin against Kiel. The result was the same, as Brees was on the money. Touchdown Martin. Kiel had decent coverage on the play, but the pass was perfect, as was the catch.

In a session of nine-on-nine, one play was a disaster for the offensive line. Linebacker Omari Hand, filling in for Steve Foley, started his pass-rush to the outside. Left tackle Courtney VanBuren mirrored, but Hand cut inside. Defensive end Adrian Dingle, who was locked up with left guard Toniu Fonoti, drew Fonoti to the outside leaving a free path for Hand to get a free shot on Brees. Fonoti and Van Buren obviously mis-communicated on the play. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

"It is going pretty good," Hand said. "I am just trying to catch on to the scheme of things but it is going pretty good."

"It is definitely great going against a 3-4 where you have a linebacker running full speed, rushing every time," Van Buren said. So, it is definitely great for my pass sets, my pass protection, because it will help me get ready for when I go against the speed rushers."

On one play, Brees threw a pass to Jesse Chatman who was on a swing route. Chatman was still three yards behind the line-of-scrimmage so he wasn't looking when the pass came. It's a good thing the pass fell incomplete, as a defender was right there to prevent any gain on the play.

In one-on-one pas rush drills...

-Van Buren beat Hand rather easily. Then on his next battle, allowed linebacker Howard Hodges to get the corner, but Van Buren stayed with him and was able to push him away from the quarterback.

-Igor Olshansky quickly got through Fonoti on their first battle. The next was closer with a slight edge to the Ukrainian.

-Big Jamal Williams punked center Nick Hardwick by using a strong bull rush to get to the quarterback.

-Mike Goff dominated Jacque Cesaire, but Cesaire beat him the second time. And the third time it was Cesaire dominating Goff. Usually, it's the other way around.

-Linebacker Shaun Phillips beat Roman Oben on two plays. First to the inside, then to the outside. Oben has struggled in this drill.

-Guard Kris Dielman, who's been pretty good at this, beat Dequincy Scott twice.

-Jason Fisk and David Brandt split, with Brandt pushing Fisk to the ground in the second battle.

-Olshansky and Fonoti ended the session with three straight battles. The first was a draw. The next saw Olshansky use his arm strength to break away from his bigger opponent. It was clearly a victory. On the final battle Fonoti was able to keep him at bay.

Lightning Quicks

-On one play Adrian Dingle was violently hit on a double team. He was locked up with Fonoti when Ryan Krause threw a punishing block that, when combined with the force of Fonoti's block, knocked Dingle a few yards down the line of scrimmage. He had to be looked at after the play and did not return. It didn't appear overly serious but Dingle has battled knee problems since coming into the NFL, and that seemed to be the area of focus. After practice it was learned that he suffered from dizziness.

-Drew Brees led Antonio Gates into linebacker Shaun Phillips on a short pass. Phillips dropped Gates with a good hit. If it was a game, Gates might of got his head knocked off.

-The next play was more of the same. Brees hit Justin Peelle, but led him into Justin Riley, who smacked him into the ground. If it was a game, Peelle might of got his chest caved in.

"I was more of a linebacker than a rush defensive end, so mainly, I need to get better on my pass rush," Riley quipped in response to his hard hitting style.

-Besides a couple instances where he might've got he teammates killed, it was another good day for Brees. This week he's been taking more shots down the field. Specifically, sideline fade routes, and crossing routes.

-Jerry Wilson and Doug Chapman got into it, but no punches were thrown. Instead they wrestled, with the bigger Chapman spending most of his time on top. What's camp without a couple tussles?

-Jammer had a rough one today. As did the entire secondary. They were beaten all day.

-Steve Foley returned but was held out of drills.

-Tim Dwight did not suit up today. The reason has not been disclosed.

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