Robb Butler Chargers Camp Diary V

<i>A day off speaking to</i><br><br> I knocked Jesse Chatman's helmet off. I came in from the safety spot, straight downhill and ‘bam!' his helmet came flying off. He almost fell. I let him go so he could finish the end of the run. It's all about the hit.

Marty Schottenheimer yelling, "Don't tackle him, Robb!"

After I got the first lick. I figured that felt pretty good. I kept doing that, trying to establish myself as that guy as a big hitting strong safety who can also cover. It was Michael Turner. I remember that play exactly. He got the ball. I read my keys. Came downhill full speed and when I hit him I kind of left my feet. I hit him with everything and took him down. I put my hands up, ‘Sorry coach.'

Jerrell Pippens moves to cornerback, the depth chart

They got J. Pipp working at corner. You have myself at strong and Jerton Evans at free, as far as newcomers. That's it. (Terrence) Kiel, (Vernon) Fox, myself. (Jerton) was a strong safety. When they moved Jerrell, they moved Jerton to free.

Jerrell is a huge corner. He has got some skills. A lot of upside. Time. Time is not on his side. Time is not on anyone's side. Especially us undrafted rookies. We don't have time. They are not going to waste two years developing us. They will get rid of us.

There always has to be developmental players who can come in and play in a pinch

That is a true statement. The practice squad is at eight.

Two weeks into Chargers training camp

I feel like hard work and being able to many different positions and to do a lot of things, especially on special teams. Whenever I get the opportunity to turn receiver with the secondary to give Quentin Jammer and those guys looks, whenever we do walkthroughs and need a tailback I do. I want them to see how much athletic ability I have. I want the worst case scenario to be from working in Robert Morris' library and watching Oprah to making the practice squad. I want the practice squad to be the worst case scenario.

I have history as a corner, history as a wide receiver, this is my second year of playing safety, and I think I am doing pretty well. I don't see Terrence Kiel and Vernon Fox way up here (raises arm to its highest point) and Robb Butler is way down here (lowers arm to knee level). I don't see how they are that much better than I am at this point and they can do so much more than I can. The degree of separation is very slim.

Coach Marty Schottenheimer has his favorites

Coach Stew is going to coach everyone. He is going to coach everyone. In the meetings, if you are doing something wrong, he is going to call you out. And that goes for anyone. Some people he may coach a little bit more in detail because of the potential they possess. If he can get them to be consistent and use all of their tools, like Drayton (Florence). Do you see the plays he makes! He is athletic. He has all the tools. He is a huge corner. He has got some speed. Great ball skills. If he would put it together everyday and take care of the little things mentally, the dude would be unstoppable.

On that note, when you see someone looking like they can potentially be great, as a coach you are like, ‘let's get him all the right tools and get him to use to use those tools and deploy them when they need to be deployed. I can be a part of making this kid great and also making our team better.'

Catching a pass

That was a fake punt. I think it was against Terrence Kiel. The punter threw the ball up there and I caught it at its highest point and was falling back and rolling backwards. Being an athlete is the biggest thing.

Playing every role on special teams

When we are punting the ball I am the wing (the guy who stands just behind the line in the backfield). I first came out as a gunner but now I am a wing. They didn't know I was 217 pounds. Coach said ‘I didn't know you were 217, I am going to have to move you to wing.'

Punt return I am the creeper or the vice guy (the guy who ‘creeps' towards the line to try and block the punt from the outside). Sometimes after I do that I think ‘I could have blocked that.' I don't want to accidentally hit the kicker. I will pull up just to give him a good look off the line, the first three or four steps, a good rush before I pull up.

I am the R-3 on the kickoffs and I am the left end on kick return. I am on all phases.

Friday afternoon's practice where the focus was on special teams

(I was out there) every phase. That was the worst practice of the week! Play after play. Break it back rookies! We had to keep giving the starters a look. I was in every play, every phase of special teams. The most practice I had all week.

The major point is that the kicking game is going to be so vital to our success, as far as us winning this season. We needed to spend some time in that area. We set a lot of goals in the kicking game. In order for us to achieve and improve, we all have to be on the same page and find the right guys who will bust their chops and make it happen. We have to win in the kicking game.

It is a third of the game. If we can win the kicking game and win on offense or win the kicking game and win on defense, we increase our chances of winning the game. If you win two out of three phases and you lose the game…geez! That has to be rough.

The Oklahoma Drill

That is a story. They matched us up with the receivers. Why they matched me up with Wes Welker, I don't know. I am the heaviest DB as weight goes. Not the tallest, but the thickest. The DB with the most girth! And they put me up against Wes Welker. They should have put me against a guy like Micah Ross. That would have been more of a challenge. But I went up against Wes, nudged him a little bit, got rid of him and made the tackle when Chaney was around. I only got to go one time but I made the tackle, a solid tackle. I got off the block pretty well and quick, very quick.

One player surprised during the Oklahoma Drill

Jamar Fletcher. It is funny you ask me. Jamar Fletcher has to be the smallest DB. Jamar don't look like much but when he wants to, man he got off his block, I forgot who he was matched up with, somebody who had to be bigger than Wes. And if it wasn't Luke Powell it had to be someone with some size.

He got of the block so quick and he hit Calvin Murray, got up underneath him, picked him up, and just dropped him. Looking at him you are like, ‘he is going to get blocked, he is going to get run over.' He shed the block, got up underneath the ball carrier, picked him and dropped him. I was like ‘whew, ok!'

He is a lot more aggressive than he looks. I said to him, ‘you can bring it when you want to.' He said, ‘yeah, when I have to.'

He is like a finesse cover dude who had like 12 picks one year and was picking off everything. Being physical — I think he could be that. He is a pretty solid player. He is a good dude.

Robb Butler, a rookie safety with the San Diego Chargers, joins periodically to give his take on training camp and just about anything that pops into his head. Next time, he will update us on his first live game action.

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