Rivers update and Tuesday camp notes

Philip Rivers is no closer to signing a deal with the San Diego Chargers than he was when negotiations broke down over a week ago. The two sides spoke briefly on Sunday, but the conversation only confirmed the cemented stance the Chargers took with a public statement made by general manager A.J. Smith on Aug 9.<br><br> In camp, there was some notable movement among the offense and defense.

According to a source, the sides are approximately just three-million apart over a six-year period, but there are disagreements in regards to the structure of the proposal.

Rivers' agent Jimmy Sexton wants a deal that is close to top-pick quarterback Eli Manning in terms of dollars and similar to wide-receiver and third-overall pick Larry Fitzgerald in terms of structure. The specifics are not available as proposals are not required to be sent to the league office.

The Chargers have yet to offer a proposal that offers Rivers more guaranteed money than Fitzgerald, a league insider said. It's another factor in the stalled negotiations.

With Smith's hardline statement: "We also informed them that the package we talked about and offered will now only go down in value," and with Sunday's confirmation of that stance, it seems unlikely that Rivers will be in uniform any time soon.

Of course that can change in one phone call, but it would be a phone call in which one of the parties takes a big swallow of pride before a deal is consummated.

Regardless of which side fans take in this ugly situation, the fact remains: the San Diego Chargers are the only NFL team that has yet to sign it's first-round pick. And history is not on their side.

Camp Notes

-Adrian Dingle returned to action.

-Sammy Davis had a pick but also got beat in a red zone drill. Eric Parker beat him for a touchdown.

-Reche Caldwell continues his push. He dusted Quentin Jammer at the line of scrimmage then found himself awaiting a floater from Drew Brees during the red-zone drill; it was caught for a touchdown. Jammer did have a few break ups on the day.

-Phil Bogle saw time at second team right guard. Rookie Shane Olivea played right tackle.

-Randal Godfrey and Zeke Moreno ran first team as the inside linebackers. Stephen Cooper ran second team. Perhaps a precursor that Cooper has entered the competition for the starting spot alongside Donnie Edwards? Stay tuned.

-Kwamie Lassiter ran first team at free-safety. His competitor Jerry Wilson picked off Cleo Lemon in the endzone during the red zone drill.

-Toniu Fonoti and Courtney Van Buren got extra work with the second team. The young and talented tandem need extra reps to enhance their skills. Line coach Hudson Houck emphasized picking up stunts during drills.

-Antonio Gates dropped a sure touchdown from Drew Brees. Brees was sharp for the most part this morning. He did have a pick (Davis).

-The 1st team offense dominated during the red zone drill. LaDainian Tomlinson blazed through a huge hole on the right side to score a 7 yard touchdown.

-Matt Wilhelm is quietly redeeming himself from last years dismal rookie season.

-Carlos Polk broke free for a phantom sack of Lemon.

-Olshansky had a few pressures on the day.

-Michael Turner had a six yard touchdown run. He showed the burst that seemed to be lacking in the first preseason game.

-Eric Parker smoked Drayton Florence on a 60 yard touchdown pass down the middle. Where were the safeties?

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