Rivers sharper, Brees still sharpest

While Drew Brees continued his redemption, rookie quarterback Philip Rivers returned for his second day of practice at San Diego Chargers' training camp on Wednesday morning. In a red-zone scrimmage, after a handoff and a short completion, Rivers play-actioned, then rolled to his left, scanning the end zone for an open receiver. And he found one.

Using his trademark release, Rivers delivered a perfect strike that wide receiver Micah Ross caught for a touchdown. It was not the only time the two would connect on the morning.

In another scrimmage, Rivers saw Ross matched up against Drayton Florence, who was in man-to-man coverage. Ross ran a streak down the side-line and got deep on Florence. Rivers quickly got rid of the ball and luckily for him, Ross had beaten Florence badly enough to make up for a pass that was slightly under thrown. Ross slowed up and hauled it in. The pass traveled a good forty yards in the air.

Rivers' next pass was on the money to fullback Phillip Crosby. Crosby, who has filled in for the injured Andrew Pinnock, didn't break stride to catch the pass and picked up decent yardage before being touched.

Rivers again looked for Ross in one-on-one coverage on another streak pattern, but Quentin Jammer would have none of it. He broke up the play, but it was a good read by Rivers. He had one-on-one with a big receiver so he threw it up and gave his receiver a chance to make a play. It just so happened that Jammer was up to the task.

Rivers went on to complete four of his last six passes. The passes ranged from 10 to 18 yards, with one incompletion a twenty yard pass intended for Luke Powell. The other incompletion is the one he wished he could have back.

Rivers locked on to a receiver in the middle of the field and didn't see linebacker Zeke Moreno sitting on the route. The pass was on target, but so was Moreno, who stepped in front, picked it off and took it the other way. Welcome to the NFL. That's just one of the lumps Rivers will have to take on his path to franchise quarterbackdom.

Lightning Quicks and Will-full Wisdom

-Drew Brees was excellent this morning. Quick decisions. Down field throws. On target most of the time.

-The offensive line started out like yesterday with (from left to right) Oben, Fonoti, Hardwick, Goff, and Olivea.

-At one point Leander Jordan was running first team right tackle. But don't look too much into the shuffling. Hudson Houck has been known to do this. Like a master chemist, he's trying to find that magic combination.

-Jammer had a great practice.

-Florence did not.

-Rivers was sharper today, but still out-shined by Brees.

-The running backs have been Tomlinson, Chatman and Turner, in that order.

-Fluite stole the show again. His first pass was a long touchdown pass to Ruvell Martin, who beat Florence. Flutie and Lemon are receiving limited reps.

-Marty Schottenheimer has been much more vocal of late. Today he yelled at the offense for walking to the line of scrimmage. He seems a man on a mission. Or a hot seat.

-Kevin Dyson made some nice grabs this morning.

-Justin Peelle has silently become a quality NFL caliber tight end.

-On one play, Tomlinson was tackled and slow to get up. If you listened closely enough you could hear Marty Schottenheimer swallow a lump in his throat. Tomlinson got up slowly and limped slightly, but there was no harm. He would later be seen with a familiar burst that looked like it could only come from NASA.

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