Cheers and Jeers for Chargers players

LaDainian Tomlinson got a hearty cheer when he entered the game but Doug Flutie may have gotten the loudest cheer of any player to enter the game. Flutie has fans from every age group and has been in the league longer than some fans have been alive. Taken into cheering account was the debut of Philip Rivers.

Doug Flutie went 3-for-3 for 42 yards on his opening drive and hit Brock Edwards on a 24 yard touchdown completion. He ended his night going 8-for-12 for 99 yards with the one touchdown. His QB rating was 119.8 for the game.

"I still feel like a kid out here," Flutie said. "You come out and throw the ball around…you can only do it for so many years, so make it last as long as you can and when it is done it is done."

Philip Rivers started off with a bang, hitting his first pass for 38 yards and he followed it up with two more completions traversing 34 yards. The crowd jumped up to cheer their favorite new quarterback with zeal.

It started to fall apart when Josh Norman missed a pass in the end zone. Rivers had just one other completion the rest of the half, coming on his last pass for a two yard gain and threw two interceptions while being sacked twice. His quarterback rating was a miniscule 15.8.

Rivers learned a lesson in the second quarter when he was called for intentional grounding for throwing the ball into the ground. He was sacked minutes later. Rivers through two interceptions inside of two minutes. One was not his fault but the second interception he threw was tossed into a Seahawk sea. He tried to throw to Micah Ross who was blanketed and Ken Hanlin got the intercepted as the ball bounced around.

As he left the field after his second interception, Rivers was drowned with boos.

"I didn't play great," Rivers said. "I didn't play good for that matter.

"I'll learn from some mistakes and there are some of them that I can't say I'll never make again. I know there are certain things that are very correctable."

Drew Brees threw his first interception of the preseason on his first play from scrimmage on Friday. It was a terrible throw from Brees who went out on a naked bootleg and threw the ball way behind Kevin Dyson who slipped trying to recover and get at the errant throw. His quarterback rating was not far ahead of Rivers at 23.3.

"It was really a bad throw. (Brees) kind of threw it behind where I could just run downhill and catch the ball," Seattle cornerback Ken Lucas said.

LaDainian Tomlinson was cheered as he came from the sidelines to join the huddle. His first carry, coming in the second series for the Chargers did not net more than a yard. His second run went for seven yards. Tomlinson was in on the next play, a reception from Brees that went for a first down 12 yards down the field. It was the last play he would be in on.

Lightning quicks:

  • The Chargers went 3-for-11 on third down compared to the Seahawks 7-for-17.

  • Mike Scifres pinned the Seahawks deep on his first kick. He downed the Seahawks at the one yard line with a 35 yard kick that David Binn downed. Scifres has had just one kick returned coming into the game.

  • Inside the ten yard line of San Diego and on a fourth and one went for it. Jamal Williams and Stephen Cooper tagged up to stuff Alexander, forcing the turnover on downs. The Hawks actually had third and one and Mack Strong was snuffed out before he could gain an inch.

  • Dave Ball and Shaun Phillips each had two sacks and a forced fumble. They both continue to make plays when they enter the game. They both have four sacks in the preseason to lead the league.

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