Chargers cuts are in

<b>Updated:</b><br> It's official. While the word does not have to be out for a few more hours, the Turk has already cometh for many San Diego Chargers and we have the skinny on some of the surprises…

More than one on the cut list is a surprise, even if word has not reached our ears on all of them. Some of the players who are staying tell us more surprises are in store…

The knife has come for the following players:

Doug Chapman
Josh Norman
Phillip Crosby
Luke Powell
Ruvell Martin
Grant Mattos
Calvin Murray
Omari Hand
Vernon Fox

What does Grant Mattos have to do? The poor guy makes the most of every opportunity but the chances just don't come enough. He is a player to look out for to join the Chargers practice squad or another team.

Still surviving through another day are:

Jonathan Cox
Justin Riley
Robb Butler
Howard Hodges
Leon Johnson
Jerrell Pippens

Cox may be the biggest surprise because of the numbers at corner. With Pippens still in town as well, the guess is one will go soon enough.

What does anyone not named Leon Johnson have to do to take his spot? Odd indeed. If they wanted someone else who could return, why not keep Powell?

There are more that are not known but based upon who is staying and who is going it is clear more surprises will follow in the next few hours.

It was erronously reported here that Jesse Chatman would be released and that could not be further from the truth. We apologize for brining down the good name of Jeese Chatman. Despite our best efforts to triple-check the facts, it came out as Chatman when clearly it was meant to be Doug Chapman.

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