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Will Rachel Lofton of Poway, California have the chance to compete in ENDURANCE: Hawaii, the third season of the hit reality competition series that airs on DISCOVERY KIDS ON NBC? Lofton, the 13-year-old daughter of San Diego Chargers receivers coach James Lofton, competed with thousands of applicants to be on ENDURANCE: Hawaii an exciting show that challenges kids to the ultimate tests of mental and physical endurance.

Viewers can tune in on Saturday, September 4 from 11:30-Noon (ET)/9:30 -10 AM (PT) to see if this 13-year-old eighth grade student from Twin Peaks Middle School made the cut.

ENDURANCE: Hawaii kicks off this year with a two-part casting special (airing September 4 and 11), showing the grueling journey just to be selected to be on this hit reality series for kids.

Enthusiastic and sporty, Rachel plays club soccer and dances competitively. She hangs out at the beach a lot but has always wanted to go to a jungle so she hopes to have the chance on ENDURANCE: Hawaii. She'll compete over almost anything, even with her friends to see how fast they take tests. But she's not always so serious and also has the ability to laugh things off.

On September 25, the series will officially kick off with most diverse cast ever of 20 tweens who say "Aloha" to the lush tropical paradise of Kauai to compete in a series of physical and mental challenges, vying for a Grand Prize trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Endurance: Hawaii features more episodes (21, not 13), more suspense and more daunting challenges. But kids who think they've got the game figured out from watching the first two seasons are in for a huge surprise. ENDURANCE: Hawaii features non-stop twists that will turn their world and the game as we know it upside down and on its head. Friendships are built and loyalties tested as teams try to beat the odds and those who can think on their feet and adapt to change stand the best chance of becoming ENDURANCE champions.

And, if the grueling physical trials weren't enough, the kids of ENDURANCE: Hawaii had to endure torrential rain storms, intense heat, and sparse accommodations (their beds consisted of wooden slabs in huts!) Host J.D. Roth and his team have devised new games this season that test brains and brawn, all to earn the 12 pyramid pieces to become ENDURANCE champions.

ENDURANCE-Hawaii is produced by Three Ball Productions. J.D. Roth is host, creator, and executive producer and is joined by executive producers Todd Nelson, John Foy and Grady Candler. For Discovery Kids Erin Wanner is executive producer and Marjorie Kaplan is the executive in charge of production.

Discovery Kids lets kids explore the real world. The Saturday morning block on NBC and the Discovery Kids 24-hour digital channel offer entertaining, engaging, high-quality, real-world programming for kids. Building on Discovery Networks signature areas of science, adventure, exploration and natural history as well as a genre just for kids, real-world narrative and its signature animation, RealToons, each Discovery Kids show gives kids another perspective of the world in which they live and the possibilities available to them. Discovery Kids…it's really, really real!

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