Dr J's NFL 2004 Preseason Rankings

Hello and thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on life, liberty, and the pursuit of a Super Bowl championship. It's the beginning of a new season and for some, the opportunity to make history. For others, like our beloved Bolts, fellow Chargers fans, we're just history.

1) New England
Still the champs, now with a big threat at RB in Corey Dillon. Will he buy into the team first concept?

2) Indianapolis
It's Peyton Manning's time and thus, time for the Colts to make their move.

3) Philadelphia
They'll win the East, but Terrell Owens and Javon Kearse are still big (and expensive) risks. Kearse, because of his dropped production. Owens, because of his drops, both sound and the ones across the middle.

4) Seattle
Mike Holmgren has all of his pieces in place, it's time to see exactly how good this team can be.

5) Carolina
They may have snuck up on everyone last season, but this defense gives this team legs to keep them around for a while.

6) Tennessee
Their window of opportunity is closing, but there's still enough talent for a 10+ win season.

7) Baltimore
The defense looks almost as good as it did in their championship year (2000) and they have Jim Fassell helping to run the offense. It could be a very good season for the Ravens, despite Deion Sanders.

8) Kansas City
Offense good, defense, still bad. Enter Gunther Cunningham...and...so???

9) Dallas
Bill Parcells has shown he can win with anyone and win anywhere. But how far will they go with Vinny Testaverde?

10) Minnesota
Their offense is good enough to win their division, it's their defense that will betray them in the playoffs.

11) Atlanta
Can Michael Vick be for Jim Mora Jr.'s West Coast offense what Steve Young was for the 49ers during Mora's stint in San Francisco? He'd better be...

12) Denver
No more Clinton Portis means it's Quentin Griffin or Tatum Bell. I think Shanahan has done for running backs what Bill Walsh did for quarterbacks.

13) Green Bay
Still alive, still kicking, Brett Favre's still throwing, another 10 win season for the Pack.

14) St. Louis
This offensive line was in trouble already before Kyle Turley's injury. Now, it may not matter who is carrying the ball in the backfield, Marshall Faulk or Steven Jackson.

15) Cincinnati
I guess they had no choice but to start Carson Palmer this season, but I think it's going to hurt their progress this season.

16) Miami
What will they do for offense? Go down in the post to Shaq?

17) Buffalo
I still think they shouldn't have picked him, but Willis McGahee reminds me of Thurman Thomas.

18) NY Jets
Curtis Martin is another year older and Chad Pennington is $64M richer. But how is the defense?

19) Washington
Now that the circus has left and Joe Gibbs is in town, the Redskins could get down to playing football again.

20) Jacksonville
Young QB coming of age, defense hungry to prove itself, good things happening for Jack Del Rio.

21) Tampa Bay
The losses of John Lynch and Warren Sapp will hurt this squad that has had a very good run.

22) New Orleans
A sleeper team with solid talent on both sides of the ball. Team has never been able to put it all together however.

23) Detroit
There's plenty of young talent in Motown. Could they be this year's Bengals?

24) Pittsburgh
It's rebuilding time in the Steel City, but it won't last long. They are on the right track.

25) Cleveland
How a classy guy like Kellen Winslow ended up with a loudmouth moron of a son like Kellen Winslow II is beyond me.

26) Houston
Still too many holes on the lines to make a playoff push.

27) Arizona
Injuries are dogging this young team at key positions.

28) Oakland
They've upgraded their porous defensive line but they were way too old on offense last season. So what do you think they are this season?

29) Chicago
Boy that 13-3 season three years ago sure feels like thirty, doesn't it?

30) San Diego
Philip Rivers, Wade Phillips, the 3-4 defense, it doesn't matter. Just look forward to next April and their two top five picks in the draft.

31) San Francisco
Long gone are the days of Montana, Young, Lott, and Rice. These Niners will struggle badly.

32) NY Giants
The Giants are still going to start Kurt Warner despite his shaky efforts and an even shakier o-line in front of him. All I can say is that Charger fans everywhere couldn't be happier.

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