Question needed no answer, for now

Why wait until Monday to exclaim to the world who the San Diego Chargers will put at quarterback in week one? Can't everyone just enjoy their Labor Day? Every year it is the same. The media and fans all flock to their respective outlets to get the latest news. Who will start, they ask. Drew Brees, of course.

It has become comical. Head coach Marty Schottenheimer has made it so every year. Perhaps the only reason he holds off on his decision is to increase fan interest for one more day. The season surely won't interest them. Not when Peter King of CNN/SI is picking them to go 2-14.

Yesterday could have been the day the coach said in his low voice, "Drew Brees." Can't mix cut day with naming a starter. Bad jujubes.

So the drawn out process got another day to fester on the message boards. Unless he was ready for a shocker, and secretly many hoped he would, the wait wasn't worth the hype.

Last year, all of us got to look forward to Schottenheimer playing this game several times in season. This year promises to be no different. He is already playing the game. Maybe he is just keeping himself interested.

When the losses mount and he does not want to think about his job security, he can just say he is not sure who will start this week at quarterback and will announce it later in the week.

Schottenheimer made a huge gaffe when he involved Marvin Lewis in his rhetoric. Lewis was a first year coach while Schottenheimer may be a last year coach. The situations are vastly different.

"One of the things that became apparent was that the issues we faced offensively went far beyond just the quarterback position," Marty Schottenheimer said of the struggles a year ago.

He went on to say Brees has "been on a mission" and "has made terrific strides" before pointing to his increased completion percentage as a sign of things to come. But that was still against preseason defenses – often described as vanilla.

There is no doubt Brees deserved to start. Borrowing a line from the coach, "The NFL is a performance driven business."

Bottom line is the coach backed his quarterback and hoped to give him confidence heading into the season. Don't doubt that Philip Rivers is right behind him waiting for the balloon to pop.

Schottenheimer may be backing him now, but what happens when the team is myriad in a 2-6 slump? Does he pull the plug for the sake of the franchise? You bet he will and this attempt to end controversy won't blow up in his face when everyone forgets. Even if it comes back to bite him, Schottenheimer will spin his web and look like a rose.

If Schottenheimer is lucky, he may get to cast a vote for a new starter at every position. Surely no one knows who will start at wide receiver and with the cast of misfits the Chargers have, not many are scared to find out who it will be.

That's why no one is asking the question.

In another few weeks, however, the quarterback question will rise again. The answer should be interesting by then – but don't worry it will still be two days late.

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