Chargers win: Luck or Skill?

The formula is simple. Play mistake free ball and capitalize on your opponents mistakes and you will win. The San Diego Chargers created four turnovers and had none themselves in pulling out a 27-20 victory on the road. <br><br> "I've never had a win that wasn't nice," Marty Schottenheimer said. "The history of the Texans was evident to us. Their ability to take the game to the fourth quarter would determine the outcome of the game."

They needed every one of those four turnovers to pull out a victory. Without them it would have been a blowout.

"We were lucky to be within seven points at the end of the game," David Carr said.

And the Chargers were lucky to be up at all. They should have been up by thirty with four turnovers under their belt. To have the game so close is a testament to how good the Texans have become.

"We still had a chance to win," frustrated linebacker Jamie Sharper said. "This was a team we could've stopped. We just didn't go out and get the job done, myself included. I am upset about this loss."

Which is why the defense wasn't necessarily happy with the way they played.

"We are not happy with the way we played," ex-Texan Steve Foley said.

The first half defense struggled but came up big in allowing just two field goals on the Texans two opening drives. At a time when they could not stop anything, they buckled down in the red zone. They were also opportunistic in creating turnovers when they needed them desperately. The difference in the game – and a first in recent memory – was the adjustments made at halftime by the defense. Whether it was defensive coordinator Wade Phillips making the difference or a talk amongst veterans on the team to play better – it worked.

The defense came out playing with more fire in the second half. They began to get pressure on Carr and handled the run much better. They allowed just 37 yards rushing and 43 yards passing in the second half. It is amazing what three and outs will do.

"They don't turn the ball over much," Foley said. "So I told my guys to take every opportunity."

The two biggest turnovers they created happened at the end of each half and the Chargers didn't score on either of them.

The first was an interception by Jerry Wilson as David Carr was driving the Texans down the field with under a minute to in the half. It stopped the momentum the Texans were building upon. A score at that point would have made coming out of the half more difficult in the hostile environment of Reliant Stadium.

Even the lights going out were a blessing in disguise. The Texans had just come up with their biggest play of the game and the delay curbed that enthusiasm. By the time the game resumed, the crowd wasn't at the killer level it had been when Kailee Wong got his sack of Drew Brees. That brought on the final turnover of the game minutes later.

The turnover they created at the end of the game helped seal the victory. The Texans were driving with less than five minutes to go in the game when Domanick Davis coughed up his second ball of the game on a Randall Godfrey hit. Steve Foley came up with the recovery and the Chargers got the win.

"When we had the ball moving down to the red zone at the end of the game, we turned it over again," an exasperated Dom Capers said.

"I was playing too hard, trying to make a little too much happen," Davis said. "I wasn't focusing on the little things, like keeping two hands on the ball when you go through traffic. Somebody just touched (the ball) and it slipped out."

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