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Okay, okay, okay. Dallas and Kansas City got shelled, the Browns and Chargers looked sharp. But its just week one. A good week one for some, a bad for others, but in the long run, it may not mean a whole lot. Just ask the Pats who lost on opening day 31-0 to the Bills last season. A 17-2 run later, the Patriots are the new NFL dynasty and blueprint for success. So don't get too up or too down everyone...

1) New England (1-0)
Last week: 1st, Defeated Colts 27-24
Is Tom Brady the best QB in football?

2) Philadelphia (1-0)
Last Week: 3rd, Defeated NY Giants 31-17
Terrell Owens catches three TDs against Giants, Philly WRs had eight all last season

3) Minnesota (1-0)
Last Week: 10th, Defeated Cowboys 35-17
The happiest guy out there has got to be the fantasy owner that has Daunte Culpepper this season

4) Seattle (1-0)
Last Week: 4th, Defeated Saints 21-7
Offense sputters but defense and Shawn Alexander bail team out

5) Indianapolis (0-1)
Last Week: 2nd, Lost to Patriots 27-24
Mike Vanderjagt picked the wrong time to end his 48 consectutive FGs streak...

6) Tennessee (1-0)
Last Week: 6th, Defeated Dolphins 17-7
Eddie who? Chris Brown rushes for 100 yards in just one half of play

7) Denver (1-0)
Last week: 12th, Defeated Chiefs 34-24
In what will no doubt be a season long trend, Quentin Griffin, 156 yards, Clinton Portis, 148 yards

8) Green Bay (1-0)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated Panthers 24-14
Ahman Green carries the ball a career high 33 times and gets treated for fluids afterwards.

9) St. Louis (1-0)
Last Week: 14th, Defeated Cardinals 17-10
Marshall Faulk isn't ready to give up his seat yet as he rushes for 100+ yards for the 39th time in his great career

10) Atlanta (1-0)
Last Week: 11th, Defeated 49ers 21-19
Falcons deflect a two point conversion and win their first win in the Bay Area in 13 years.

11) Carolina (0-1)
Last week: 5th, Lost to Green Bay 24-14
Offensive line looks porous and game breaker Steve Smith breaks his leg

12) Baltimore (0-1)
Last Week: 7th, Lost to Browns 20-3
Jamal Lewis ran for almost 500 yards against the Browns in both meetings last season, this time, he's held to just 57

13) Kansas City (0-1)
Last week: 8th, Lost to Broncos 34-24
Same old story, offense rolls up 318, defense gives up 413...

14) Dallas (0-1)
Last week: 9th, Lost to Vikings 35-17
Same as the last time, Cowboys top ranked defense can't find a way to cover Randy Moss

15) NY Jets (1-0)
Last Week: 18th, Defeated Bengals 31-24
Curtis Martin takes a page out of Roger Clemens' book and turns back the clock.

16) Washington (1-0)
Last Week: 19th, Defeated Buccaneers 16-10
No trickery, no gimmicks, just hard nosed football and a win for the 'Skins.

17) Jacksonville (1-0)
Last Week: 20th, Defeated Buffalo 13-10
A lot will be made of rookie Ernest Wilford's catch in the endzone, but what about Jimmy Smith's 45yd catch on 4th and 14?

18) Cincinnati (0-1)
Last Week: 15th, Lost to NY Jets 31-24
Carson Palmer has a good debut (17-25-248-2TD's) but a late pick clinches the loss.

19) Miami (0-1)
Last Week: 16th, Lost to Titans 17-7
The QB carousel begins, Fielder out, Feeley in

20) Pittsburgh (1-0)
Last Week: 24th, Defeated Raiders 24-21
Stat line of the century: Jerome Bettis 5 carries, 1 yard, 3 TD's....

21) Cleveland (1-0)
Last Week: 25th, Defeated Ravens 20-3
Much maligned defense and QB Jeff Garcia both come through.

22) Detroit (1-0)
Last Week: 23rd, Defeated Bears 20-16
Good news-Detroit gets first road win in 3 years, Bad News-Lose WR Charles Rogers for season once again (broken collar bone)

23) Tampa Bay (0-1)
Last Week: 21st, Lost to Redskins 16-10
Once vaunted defense now looks a step slow.

24) Buffalo (0-1)
Last Week: 17th, Lost to Jaguars 13-10
Bills blow it in the end with terrible pass defense.

25) San Diego (1-0)
Last Week: 30th, Defeated Texans 27-20
Texan homecoming good for Drew Brees and LaDainian Tomlinson

26) New Orleans (0-1)
Last Week: 22nd, Lost to Seattle 21-7
Bigger things to worry about in the Big Easy, like wondering if the city will look like Atlantis sometime soon.

27) Arizona (0-1)
Last Week: 27th, Lost to Rams 17-10
Old man Emmitt Smith finds the Fountain of Youth, for at least one week

28) Houston (0-1)
Last Week: 26th, Lost to Chargers 27-20
David Carr will continue to grow his hair for at least another two weeks...

29) Oakland (0-1)
Last Week: 28th, Lost to Pittsburgh 24-21
Game wasn't as close as the score indicated. Raiders still looking average at best.

30) Chicago (0-1)
Last Week: 29th, Lost to Detroit 20-16
Rex Grossman is sloppy, Bears are undisciplined, long year for good guy Lovie Smith.

31) San Francisco (0-1)
Last Week: 31st, Lost to Atlanta 21-19
Sorry Niner fans, but these aren't the 80's.

32) NY Giants (0-1)
Last Week: 32nd, Lost to Eagles 31-17
Did anyone else laugh when Eli Manning got smacked? Come on, fess up!

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