Dr J's NFL Rankings: week two

Looks like so far, Terrell Owens fits in Philly, Vick fits in the West Coast, Bill Parcells is fit to be tied, Curtis Martin is fit as a fiddle, and 49ers fans are about to throw fits.

1) New England (2-0)
Last week: 1st, Defeated Arizona 23-12
It wasn't pretty, but 17 wins in a row is 17 wins in a row...

2) Philadelphia (2-0)
Last Week: 2nd, Defeated Minnesota 27-16
Iggles hold the ball for 38 minutes and stymie the Vikings offense when it counted.

3) Seattle (2-0)
Last Week: 4th, Defeated Tampa Bay 10-6
Seahawks match their road victories from last year already, two.

4) Indianapolis (1-1)
Last Week: 5th, Defeated Tennessee 31-17
Colts rally in 2nd half, lead by the DEFENSE...honest!

5) Minnesota (1-1)
Last Week: 3rd, Lost to Philadelphia 27-16
Too many penalties, too many mistakes, too little discipline?

6) Atlanta (2-0)
Last Week: 10th, Defeated St. Louis 34-17
Mike Vick looking comfortable in the West Coast offense.

7) Tennessee (1-1)
Last Week: 6th, Lost to Indianapolis 31-17
Missed opportunities led to a blown lead.

8) Carolina (1-1)
Last week: 11th, Defeated Kansas City 28-17
De'Shaun Foster rushes 32 times for 174 yards in place of injured Stephen Davis.

9) Dallas (1-1)
Last week: 14th, Defeated Cleveland 19-12
Sure it's a win, but I don't imagine Bill Parcells is doing cartwheels about it.

10) St. Louis (1-1)
Last Week: 9th, Lost to Atlanta 34-17
Rams rally from 14 down, but turnovers late do them in.

11) Baltimore (1-1)
Last Week: 12th, Defeated Pittsburgh 30-13
God, Deion Sanders is a piece of crap! Just put on a dress and a set of pom-poms if you want to dance around!

12) NY Jets (2-0)
Last Week: 15th, Defeated San Diego 34-28
Curtis Martin is Jets' all time leading rusher in just six full seasons with club.

13) Green Bay (1-1)
Last Week: 8th, Lost to Chicago 21-10
Ahman Green fumbles going in for a score, and the Pack never recovers.

14) Denver (1-1)
Last week: 7th, Lost to Jacksonville 7-6
How does a team gain 356 yards of offense and score just 6 points?

15) Jacksonville (2-0)
Last Week: 17th, Defeated Denver 7-6
Young team learning how to win. Watch them throughout the year.

16) Kansas City (0-2)
Last week: 13th, Lost to Carolina 28-17
Second week, same as the first. Defense gives up 358 yards -- to the Panthers.

17) Washington (1-1)
Last Week: 16th, Lost to NY Giants 20-14
Seven turnovers do the Redskins in.

18) Cincinnati (1-1)
Last Week: 18th, Defeated Miami 16-13
Carson Palmer leads his team downfield for the first and probably not the last time for a victory.

19) Detroit (2-0)
Last Week: 22nd, Defeated Houston 28-16
With Charles Rogers out, rookie Roy Williams comes up big.

20) Pittsburgh (1-1)
Last Week: 20th, Lost to Baltimore 30-13
Joey Porter, that was a cheap shot. It will comeback to haunt you.

21) New Orleans (1-1)
Last Week: 26th, Defeated San Francisco 30-27
Deuce McAllister is out in the Big Easy, making things hard for the Saints.

22) Cleveland (1-1)
Last Week: 21st, Lost to Dallas 19-12
The self claimed "chosen one" will be on the shelf for the rest of the year. Just keep yapping from the IR rookie...

23) Miami (0-2)
Last Week: 19th, Lost to Cincinnati 16-13
Miami's defense has just given up one TD this season, and the team is 0-2...

24) Tampa Bay (0-2)
Last Week: 23rd, Lost to Seattle 10-6
What is it with Florida teams and their offenses?

25) Oakland (1-1)
Last Week: 29th, Defeated Buffalo 13-10
Jerry Rice, you are the best WR ever, now please, hang them up. It's time to go.

26) Chicago (1-1)
Last Week: 30th, Defeated Green Bay 21-10
Bears big play man FS Mike Brown will miss rest of season with an injured Achilles' tendon.

27) San Diego (1-1)
Last Week: 25th, Lost to NY Jets 34-28
Hey Charger fans, still crying about that ticket guarantee? This is what happens without one.

28) Buffalo (0-2)
Last Week: 24th, Lost to Oakland 13-10
Drew Bledsoe looking so-so despite good field position all day long.

29) Houston (0-2)
Last Week: 28th, Lost to Detroit 28-16
Team looking to make big strides looks flat and uninspired.

30) NY Giants (1-1)
Last Week: 32nd, Defeated Washington 20-14
After Tom Coughlin wins "Worst Coach in NFL" poll, his team goes out and wins. Go figure.

31) San Francisco (0-2)
Last Week: 31st, Lost to New Orleans 30-27
Lots of offense, but just too many mistakes.

32) Arizona (0-2)
Last Week: 27th, Lost to New England 23-12
Tough loss on a great tribute day to Pat Tillman.

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